Top 10 little-known secrets behind famous Marvel movies (P.1)

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10. Black Widow’s outfit often gets wet

Scarlett Johansson has always been the goddess of the screen for European and American moviegoers, but fans may not know one thing about Scarlett Johansson during the filming of movies of the cinematic universe. Marvel often get wet clothes. The reason is because of the female superhero’s battle outfit Black Widow are all made of skin-tight leather, so after the scenes, Scarlett Johansson was all sweaty. The studio staff said that in the midst of the hot weather, Scarlett Johansson sometimes fainted from heatstroke.

9. Hulk is a male stripper

Of all the characters in the cinematic universe Marvelprobably Hulk the character that has to change the most actors. Except for Edward Harrison Norton and Mark Ruffalo, even director and actor Taika Waititi has taken on this role. Not only that, because actor Mark Ruffalo doesn’t have enough muscles, the character Hulk in Avengers The first part had to use a stuntman who was a male stripper.

8. Iron Man movie has no script

In 2008, the success of the film Iron Man opened a new era for the cinematic universe Marvel. However, perhaps many viewers will not expect that this 2008 film actually has no script, completely directed by the director and self-composed actors. Even Nick Fury’s Film Credits (the introduction running at the end of the film) was added by the director because he found it interesting. But also thanks to that nature MCU was officially born and became a powerful cinematic universe as it is today.

7. “Captain America” ​​suffers from social anxiety

Because of the failure of the movie Fantastic Fourafter taking on the role of the hero Captain America of Marvel, actor Chris Evans is always afraid of stepping on the same path as last time. Therefore, he even had to find a psychiatrist to treat him. In 2011, when filming Captain AmericaChris Evans had to undergo psychotherapy while filming.

6. Captain America and Hawkeye insult Black Widow

In a previous interview, “Captain America” ​​Chris Evans and “Hawkeye” Jeremy Renner made an extremely condemnable mistake. While talking about the problem in the movie Black Widow have quite a close relationship with both Captain America and Hawkeyethe two actors bring Black Widow joked and called this character a “prostitute”… This made the audience feel extremely offensive and criticized these two for insulting women. After that, the two male actors had to officially apologize in the media for their ungrateful joke.​


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