Love story “Rain Sister” VLTK Mobile version and the ending broke the original

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Owning a community that gathers a large number of young men and women, it is not difficult to understand when Martial Arts Mobile Since its debut until now, she has become a very cool matchmaker who will successfully charm so many couples. However, in the game as well as in real life, there are always unrequited love stories that are difficult to put into words, especially when it is only the latter who accidentally falls in love with “the flower has its owner”.

Thought that “rain sister” would forever be just a third person outside the love of others. But recently, the confession of a gamer girl in the player community VLTK Mobile was the complete opposite of what was said above. Starting from just a girl who kept herself in a one-sided love with her own state, the Binh Duong girl was attracted by the warm voice of Ninh Binh’s son, but unfortunately “the right person is not the right person”. time” when that guy had a lover. She confided: “I’m very naive, dear brothers and sisters, respecting your love, never dreaming about you. But for a long time, in my heart I have always placed you in an important position. At the servers that I have passed, I always keep Bao Boi, how many people care about me, talk to me… But I always look forward to your return at night, I tell you stories, share, joke. With you, I feel very happy. But I love you like a sister.”


But it is true that love, which always contains many surprises that the heart can hardly explain, suddenly comes to us one day without warning. Expected that she would only keep that one-sided love for herself as a beautiful memory, but the guy finally reciprocated her feelings. Are they destined to find each other or are sincere feelings sure to be rewarded?

Everything started from traveling to Vung Tau with the guy’s agency and he asked to meet her. After a lot of thought and thought, she decided to gather up the courage to meet the person she secretly loved. Thinking back now, the girl still secretly feels lucky: “If it weren’t for that meeting, you and I wouldn’t be today”.

After the meeting of the two that day, the guy’s love story suddenly “broken”. This caused her to suffer a lot of pressure, regret and awkwardness when she thought that she was the cause, the third person to interfere in their relationship. She quit the game for a while, but it was the guy who actively persuaded her to come back, move together to a new server, and ignore all the old stories.​


Their love story begins here. Although the girl was still very hesitant to accept the other guy’s words because she still wondered if she was the 3rd person. But with the sincere and thoughtful care he gave her, everything seemed to be erased. “I do not promise long-term, but promise that in this moment will be the one who loves you the most with all sincerity. Remember that distance is not everything. That’s all that the girl – Tieu Ta wants to send to the guy – Shyn Ta from Than server 333 on his birthday!

Sweet, emotional images of the couple in real life

As written, love stories always contain many surprises that the heart can hardly explain right and wrong, clearly, only knowing that it comes and goes at the most unexpected times. Not saying or judging whether she is a third person or not, but I hope that both of them will always cherish the love they have right now!

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