How to combine the strongest dragon duo in EverWing

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Along with the Guardians (Guardians) in EverWing are the pairs of Dragons (Sidekichs), each type of dragon in EverWing (excluding Dragon Common) has a special skill type and if you know how to combine the sets. This pair of dragons will create the power that you can easily defeat the Boss or easily earn items in the game. article below will suggest you about the most effective Dragon duo in EverWing for each specific purpose.

The EverWing Dragon duos combine the best

1. Xiaolong> Huolong> Jinlong + Umbra> Umbrathyst> Umbrasaur

This Dragon pair is known as the hunting duo Coin, Gem, Item. If you love to pick up as many Gems, Coins and Items as possible in one turn, this lovely red – purple dragon duo is a perfect choice. With the parameters below, the effect that this pair brings will help you get a lot of money, gems and other items.

2. Tsijari> Tanok> Itzamatul + Loreen> Lureli> Lurelith

This duo is dubbed the “Boss Hunter” as both deal 50% of the damage to the Boss, the only difference is that the evolutionary Tsijari can deal 500% of the poison damage within the ring. In 2 seconds, Tsijari is also a Nature Dragon, while Loreen’s evolution can deal 50% damage directly to the Boss, with such a huge stat it is really a nightmare for the Boss. , especially the Fluffy Raid Boss.

3. Skout> Sage> Tuskan + Xiaolong> Huolong> Jinlong

Both are referred to as Item Kings because of their ability to increase the Item spawn rate by 40% and the item’s duration by 40%. That means, if you let these two Dragons accompany you, you will receive a staggering 80% rate increase on the items.

4.Sar> Anga> Sarangay + Yaen> Yave> Yavethior

If you often have to move back and forth when hitting a Raid Boss to avoid the boss’s continuous skills, this is the Dragon couple that will solve that problem for you because both have the skills to shoot double bullets and chase bullets for so you can guarantee that the Boss will be “eaten” continuously.

5. Sar> Anga> Sarangay + Kiin> Kigi> Kiwig

This duo is also used by many players to hunt Boss because Sar> Anga> Sarangay with the ability to chase + double bullets will always maintain a stable amount of damage to the Boss and Kiin> Kigi> Kiwig with increased skill. The 50% damage to the Boss as well as the 20% increase in the equipment effect would be a perfect complement to Sar> Anga> Sarangay to make the duo a “Boss Killing Machine”.

6. Nuno> Buaya> Buwaya + Coqi> Coquira> Coqistar

For the treasure hunters in EverWing, these twins are the perfect combination, as each individual increases the player’s Treasure Chest drop rate by 25%. Moreover, both of them also have the ability to attack normally when 1 dragon will deal 500% poison damage within 2 seconds and the other Dragon will increase the rate of appearing Bomb Bats by 60%. – shot in will destroy the surrounding creeps).

7. Magnis> Magmus> Magnimous + Tsijari> Tanok> Itzamatul

Boss, be careful. The assassin duo are here, this pair is also a boss devastating combo as both do 50% more damage against the Boss. Additionally, Tsijari’s evolvement deals 500% poison damage over 2 seconds while Magnis’ evolvement deals 75% damage compared to Spike. Be sure to equip yourself with this pair whenever you go to fight the Boss.

8. Kiin> Kigi> Kiwig + Ban> Bakun> Bakunawa

For both normal game modes and Raid Boss, this is also a perfect pair to equip as both Dragons have the ability to increase damage by 50% to the Boss. Not only that, Kiin’s evolution has the ability to increase the item’s effect time by 20%, while Ban’s evolution allows a 20% increase in item spawn rate.

9. Feri> Fieri> Fiersun + Umbra> Umbrathyst> Umbrasaur

Feri’s evolutions create more Rush Flowers for quick survival and kill, while Umbra’s evolutions help drop gems. With Umbra, gems hit by monsters are doubled. That means, with this pair of Dragons, you will be able to easily destroy enemies from the screen while collecting a lot of gems.

10. Fea> Feanor> Feandroth + Xiaolong> Huolong> Jinlong

This combination relies on Fea’s evolutionary ability to spawn 40% Rush Flowers and Xiaolong’s ability to increase the effect and duration by 40% of the item’s potency. In the end, this combination is effective to clear waves of enemies helping you survive longer and raise your score to the highest level.

Above has instructed you how to combine the Dragon duo so that you can beat the Boss and hunt things easier, in addition you can refer to the article Synthesize what you need to know about Dragons. in EverWing and Defeating Boss easily by relying on elements in EverWing.

Wish you all to combine and collect the most powerful Dragons.

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