Top 5 Dragon most effective Boss Raid in EverWing

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Currently in EverWing There are 74 types of dragons, each with its own strength and special abilities. Depending on the fighting purpose of each person that choose the dragons accordingly. For example, there are types with a high damage ability, some increase the ability to kill Boss, others increase the ability to pick up items.

When playing EverWing, it is even more indispensable to Boss Raid activities, to bring valuable rewards, worth the effort. However, how is Boss Raid effective? Which type of Dragon is used to make Boss Raid highly effective? You are invited to join us for the following articles to choose from:

1. Lethio> Lordos> Lordanos

Lethio evolved into Lordos> Lordanos, of the Dark system. This dragon is capable of firing 3 rounds of bullets, dealing 50% damage to the Boss. Deals up to 436.5 damage on Boss.


2. Loreen> Lureli> Lurelith

Loreen evolved into Lureli> Lurelith, of the Light system. Ability to fire bullets automatically to find the target, dealing 50% damage to the Boss. Deals 303 damage on Boss at maximum.


3. Sparx> Sparkene> Sparzelle

Sparx evolved into Sparkene> Sparzelle, belonging to the Light system. Able to gather energy every short time, then fire a powerful explosive bullet (Power Shot), dealing 50% damage to the Boss. Deals 286.5 maximum damage on Boss.


4. Ban> Bakun> Bakunawa

Ban evolved into Bakun> Bakunawa, of the Dark system. Has a 20% chance to drop an item, dealing 50% damage to the boss. Deals up to 259.5 damage on Boss.


5. Bullet> Gladius> Silvar

Bullet evolves into Gladius> Silvar, a Dark-type. Ability to deal 50% damage to the Boss. Deals up to 243.5 damage on Boss.


Choose for yourself the Dragon that fits your strategy and style to quickly defeat the Boss successfully, bringing valuable rewards.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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