League of Legends: Vex skill details – Annoying mage

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During the event of the Great Depression of League of Legends, there is a little Yordle with the name Vex was Viego’s ally and the one who caused the Guardians a lot of trouble. In the next update of League of Legends, this champion will be officially released. Let’s learn about Vex’s extremely powerful skill set in the article below.

LMHT he lo tuong moi Norra 700 - Emergenceingame

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League of Legends: Vex skill details – Annoying mage

Biography of Vex

According to some stories given by Riot, Vex is a Yordle mage who loves to explore both physical and spiritual domains. League of Legends gamers familiar with Yuumi will remember that this cat has one owner, and that is Vex. Vex left Bandle City using The Book of Threshold (the book that Yuumi sat on) to a rather dark and deadly place – the Shadow Isles.

Vex’s Spell Book

Vex’s skill set

Passive: Sadness

  • Frustration: Every few seconds, Vex becomes frustrated and helps her next basic ability interrupt her opponent’s Surf and Frighten them.
  • Whenever enemies around use dash or teleport, they will be marked Frustrated. Vex’s next basic attack against these enemies deals bonus damage and reduces Frustration’s cooldown.

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Q: Waves of melancholy

  • Vex sends a wave of darkness forward, dealing damage to all enemies it passes through. Waves of Melancholy can detonate the Sorrow’s passive for extra damage.

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W: This place is mine!

  • Vex gains a shield and creates a wave that radiates around, dealing magic damage and detonating the passive Gnox.

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E: Spreading sadness

  • Vex drops his shadow to a target location, slowing and dealing magic damage and marking Sadness on enemies hit. The shadow will increase in size based on the distance it travels.

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R: Black shadow takes life

  • Vex drops a black shadow forward, dealing magic damage and marking the first enemy hit. Vex can activate this ability again to pull her towards the enemy. If an enemy is killed within a short period of time after being hit, Vex can recast this skill for a few seconds.

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Above is the skill set of Vex – Annoying Mage. With a powerful set of skills to counter the flying, jumping and surfing generals that are very popular in League of Legends, Vex will definitely bring a new breeze in the Arena of Justice.

Have fun playing the game and let’s wait for Vex – Annoying Wizard!

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