How to collect and use Heart effectively in Fashion Star

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Heart in Fashion Star is very important, so that players can participate in the quest for resources, gold and experience. Each stage will require a certain number of hearts, so it takes a lot of hearts to conquer this fashion game more easily.

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However, when you earn a lot of hearts, you need to use it so that it is reasonable, economical, but effective, avoiding waste. So please follow the article below for more experience:

Tips for finding Heart in the game Fashion Star

Restore Heart naturally

In the Fashion Star game, every 5 minutes will automatically restore the Heart for free, whether online or not. Heart count will continuously regenerate until it reaches the limit, then stops.

Take attendance to receive Tim

Attendance will receive a Tim, depending on the number of attendance days, you will receive a different Tim number. On the 3, 8, 13, 18, 23, 28 roll calls you will receive lots of Tim. When the required number of VIP points is reached, the amount of Heart received will be doubled.


Share for the first time when receiving gifts

When you receive the item for the first time in the day, remember to share it with your friends immediately to receive 6 Hearts.

Complete daily missions

When completing any 5 daily quests, reaching an S point will receive 20 hearts. Choose which tasks are easy to perform first to earn Tim.

Complete daily missions

Go online every day for Tim

Just login Fashion Star in the same time slot as below. Then click Action> Go online every day to give Heart> Get Heart:

  • From 12am – 14pm: 30 Tim (Saturday, Sunday 60 Hearts).
  • From 19h – 9pm: 60 Heart.

Go online every dayGet Tim

More interestingly, every 12am and 7pm daily will display a notification on your phone reminding you to remember to receive Tim, so it will not be forgotten. Pay attention on time to receive a free Tim.

Receive daily Vip gifts

After getting to Vip, the system will send a lot of attractive rewards every day. Just click Mission, choose VIP Privilege Gifts is getting the number of Tim in the following level:

  • Vip 2: Every day receive 10 hearts.
  • Vip 3: Receive 15 hearts a day.
  • Vip 4: Receive 20 hearts a day.
  • Vip 5: Every day receive 25 hearts.
  • Vip 6: Every day receive 25 hearts.
  • Vip 7: Receive 30 hearts a day.
  • Vip 8: Receive 35 Hearts a day.
  • Vip 9: Receive 40 hearts a day.
  • Vip 10: Receive 50 Hearts a day.

Earn Heart from friends

You can receive up to 50 Hearts per day from friends via Mailbox. Just click on the Mailbox, switch to the Friends tab, choose Nhan now to own 2 Hearts, and click on Quick Receive to receive all 50 Hearts.

Earn Heart from friends

Achievement System and Collection

There are a number of Achievements and Collections that offer lots of rewards, including Heart. Therefore, players need to note the completion to receive the reward.

Change Tim when participating in Voting

When participating in Voting, you can earn Tim. Just go in Vote> Judges, then press Prefer For certain outfits, 1 point will be added each time, every 10 points will be redeemed once. To redeem, click Flower In addition to the bonus points, you will randomly receive Heart, Gold, Diamonds, and Glass Flower.

Use Diamonds to buy Heart

Just click on the existing Tim number to display the Diamond purchase list. You can buy Hearts for 25 Diamonds / 30 Hearts, depending on your VIP level, you can buy a certain number of Hearts a day.

The secret to using Tim effectively in Fashion Star

If you have earned a lot of hearts, you must also use it economically and effectively. Therefore, please follow the tips below:

Check your Heart regularly

Notice that the Tim’s cooldown limit reaches its maximum, it won’t be able to heal. For example, in the image below, the first number will be the existing Tim number, the second number will be the limit of Tim. So, you must regularly check to use Tim, avoid touching or exceeding the limit is wasteful.

Check your Heart regularly

Smart overcoming

In a Fashion Star, there are many passes that need to pass, take a look at them, then choose which platforms need to pass and which ones are not required. Priority should be given to dropping drawing materials, upgrading items to receive many rare and precious items.

Hopefully the above article will help you gain more experience to earn more hearts, as well as know how to use Tim more effectively!

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