How to change game mode in Zuma Deluxe

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If anyone has ever played the first version of Zuma, the version that is considered the best, is Zuma Deluxe. Designed with attractive graphics, vivid sound, eye-catching images, and extremely simple but equally attractive gameplay, Zuma Deluxe deserves to be considered a classic pop cap shooter.

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Unique Zuma Deluxe with two game modes, Adventure and Gauntlet. Each game mode has its own mark, unique and different points for players sense of attraction, attraction and Immerse yourself in the world of magic marbles.

Instructions on how to play the different modes in the game Zuma Deluxe

If Adventure is an adventure extend to 13 gates, each gate includes 5 challenges different. The difficulty level and the movement speed of the colored marbles will also be faster, more unpredictable and more dangerous. That’s not to mention that each next level, the distance of the colored marble strip at the beginning will be closer to the hatch than the previous levels. Adventure also is the journey take the player Through 20 Ancient Aztec God TemplesEach temple is a mystery, something to discover, extremely interesting.

How to change game mode in Zuma Deluxe

Temple of Quetzal Qualt

With each pass a gate (including 5 different cards), the player will bei moved to discover a new temple, at the same time, the High Scores section at the top, the right hand will also show the names and highest scores of players when passing that gate.

How to change game mode in Zuma Deluxe

Zukulkan Đền Temple

While, Gauntlet is a place where players can wear their talents to show off their skills. Gauntlet well There are two categories different play inside it, that is Survival and Practice.

How to change game mode in Zuma Deluxe

Try your hand at Survival, Rabbit floor

Survival is a place where players can wear their clothes, freely show off their talents, show off their skills. Be considered infinite ways to play, Survival allows players to play as they please for about Unlimited time and number of colored marbles. Players are allowed to play until the Game is over or bored, don’t want to play anymore. In Survival, there are still colored marbles or gold coins as rewards for players.

more Play longer, the number of colors of marbles increases up. In addition to the original primary colors (green, blue, yellow, red), there are also gray, or purple marbles. Even The movement of the balls is also differentmuch more complex and unpredictable.

How to change game mode in Zuma Deluxe

Players can play unlimited time

In Survival in particular and Zuma Deluxe in general, a few tips that players should, need to use often, is a combination of:

  • Change the color of the marbles lying on the mouth of the Frog God.
  • Shoot at the help balls as much as possible and take advantage of the time the effects of those balls are active.
  • Try to eat as many bonuses.

Perhaps many people will be surprised, but with this tip, you will surely pass all the hurdles of Zuma Deluxe with ease and no need to spend time aligning the direction the ball will shoot, find the position (where there are 2 colored balls next to each other) for each shot. This will help you play better, more efficiently, solve the game faster, even if you are not really quick and observant. By:

  • There are not always available marbles of the same color next to each other for the player to “eat” will cause the number of times to get the ball at that position to increase by two, or even more (if the shot is missed). Job color change will help players actively shoot anywhere, marbles they want without worrying about having the same color or not.
  • The faster the moving speed of the ball, the closer the distance to the hatch, the more confused and hasty the player will be, making the shots become zero, more difficult to be accurate. The aid magic balls only appear for a short time each time, but their effect is extremely effective. Just wait, bhit those balls and take advantage of them as they come into effect, players there will be more time to pass the card and will also breathe a sigh of relief when the ball is pushed back from the hatch.
  • Gold coins are not always available, but one gold coin is worth a dozen times the normal shot. So if you want high score, keep trying hard Collect them a lot.

How to change game mode in Zuma Deluxe

The result table when the player ends the Survival genre

And if one of the players has the number highest score in Survival, your name and score also will be honored right on the screen itself, in the High Scores.

How to change game mode in Zuma Deluxe

For Practice, this is simply practice mode, practice how to play. Here, players will be tested at average level, from the speed of movement of the ball, the position of the balls of the same color as well as the appearance of the help is also different. Players can play in Practice until they are confident and feel capable enough to experience and explore all 20 ancient Aztec temples with 13 extremely mysterious and attractive gates.

How to change game mode in Zuma Deluxe

Participating in an internship on Rabbit floor tầng

For each game that is considered a test, Zuma Deluxe will set the player a certain amount of time so that they can overcome the challenge.

How to change game mode in Zuma Deluxe

Finish the “exam” with less time than the allotted time

The different levels of the game, the time to pass will be different. If pass the time there, they will win and be awarded the corresponding amount, and if not, they simply passed the game, and no bonus points.

How to change game mode in Zuma Deluxe

No reward for exceeding time

Unlike Adventure, when each level, each level is a secret that is only discovered when the player steps in. IN Gauntlet has its own characteristics, different and attractive to players in very different ways. That is:

  • Gauntlet allows players to preview, and optionally select the map before entering the challenge.
  • Use the buttons Back, Next or Play, the user can go forward, backward to select the map or participate in the game when finished.

How to change game mode in Zuma Deluxe

In addition, if you want to try yourself and add more fun and mystery to this mode, players can also choose the genre. Random – random. With Random, every game will be kept secret and constantly changing when a player passes a card in Practice.

How to change game mode in Zuma Deluxe

So all the game modes, as well as How to play the ball shooting game Zuma were introduced in this article. this is a classic game of the world famous game company Popcap, is considered a masterpiece right from the simplicity that it has. Zuma Deluxe worthy of one entertainment game not to be missed. Let’s experience together!

Wish you have moments of fun entertainment!

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