What’s new in the Rules of Survival January 4th update?

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The survival game Rules of Survival is still attracting a large number of gamers to participate in the experience, because it has a similar gameplay to PUBG – Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, but it is completely free. Gamers can join the battle for survival on both phones, tablets and PCs.

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On January 4, Rules of Survival updated a new version that brought many changes, especially updating Cano, gas bombs or new character skins. Right now you can update Rules of Survival to the latest version to experience the following interesting features:

Details of the update on 4/1 game Rules Of Survival

General update

  • A character can wear a helmet and helmet at the same time in battle.
  • Optimized character movement.
  • Improved detection of hacking through objects.

Rules of Survival interface

New feature

  • New vehicle: Adding Cano to drive at sea.
  • New weapon: Molotov Cocktail (gas bomb), capable of catching fire causing all players in the fire to burn. After a certain time the fire will go out.
  • Update bike, add rear seats so 2 players can sit together.
  • Add Stat item to Data so players can see their ranking details as well as other statistics.
  • New Items: Weekly Pass (weekly pass) and Monthly Pass (monthly pass).
  • Add some outfits to the discount store, including new outfits and accessory packs.
  • Add a Push to Talk button to the team creation interface.
  • Added Simple Mode.

Supplement Cano

Gameplay update

  • Removed M14EBR’s Auto shooting mode, replacing it with a 3-shot Burst mode.
  • Zombies in Zombie Mode have new skills, balancing the amount of health and damage.
  • Added a new setting that allows the device to vibrate when a player takes damage. This option can be adjusted in the Settings section.
  • When the character dies, the camera stays on the spot where it was killed.
  • Reworked collision effects for vehicles.

Sound effects

  • Improved sound when pressing buttons in all interfaces.

Change the look

  • Add 2 squares for monitoring the durability of armor types, located right on the health bar.
  • Adjust the rank icons to make them more distinctive.
  • Added game mode symbols in the Battle Result interface.

Updated separately for the PC version

  • While the player is lying down, they can press the SPACEBAR to instantly straighten up.

So what are you waiting for, quickly update to experience these exciting features. In addition, you should also refer to the following articles to play the game Rules of Survival more effectively:

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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