PUBG Mobile: The places with the most Flare Guns on Erangel

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The Erangel map has just been updated and PUBG Mobile gamers are interested in seeing on that map there are many Flare Guns appearing? So what is Flare Gun that gamers care about so much?

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The Flare Gun is a striking red pistol that has a single bullet in its magazine. Because of its striking color, every player wants to own it. But what is its real power? The Flare Gun has the effect of locating the position, calling the helicopter to drop the barrel down to your position. At the position where the flare stops in the air, an aircraft will fly over and drop a special type of Airdrop crate on the correct position. Do you want to own this gun when participating in this survival shooter? Please search to the locations below for a chance to receive it.

Top multiple Flare Gun areas on PUBG Mobile’s Erangel map

1. Georgopol

Georgopol is a major port city in the northwest consisting of many large houses, very large houses and hospitals. The southern part of the city has good stock and medium risk, and the further a hospital area can emerge, but it gets a lot of attention. The area north of Georgopol is a place with dense resources, dense high-rise apartment complexes. The container yard area has many warehouses and is easy to move back and forth to loot, you can avoid bullets without too much difficulty. In particular, this area can pick up quite a few Flare Guns.


2. Sosnovka Military Base

In the article about the easiest loot places in PUBG Mobile we also mentioned this location. Sosnovka Military Base is a military island with the heart of the Army Barracks Sosnovka is the perfect loot point of the entire map. This area is so large that it will take a long time to find equipment, as they are all located in large buildings. 3 apartment buildings located in the center of the Barracks, the rooftops usually bring you many Flare Guns and a relatively good amount of equipment when hunting down below.

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3. Mylta Power

The Mylta Power is located on the edge of the map, usually very few people pay attention but is an area with lots of items to collect. There are a lot of guns, healing items, and convenient means of transportation. The large houses next to the chimneys are where Flare Guns are located.

Mylta Power

4. Pochinki

Pochinki is an extremely dangerous area because it is located in the center of the map but has a lot of items. This place is the battlefield for players with many years of experience. The adjacent 2-storey houses with countless weapons, finding the Flare Gun will become simple for players to spare. When parachuting to this area, observe carefully to avoid surprise attack by the enemy.


Above are 4 extremely potential areas if you want to find yourself the outstanding gun Flare Gun on PUBG Mobile’s Erangel map. However, the above areas are also one of the extremely dangerous areas so be careful to return safely.

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