How to choose Class according to the strongest job in Dragon Nest Mobile

Like other role-playing games, each class in Dragon Nest Mobile has its own advantages and disadvantages in different areas. There are 6 Classes and many sub-professions inside and have their own strengths in different areas.

Like PVE, Raid Boss, PvP, melee … below this article we will go through the strongest classes and occupations in Dragon Nest Mobile so that you can choose the best and best class for yourself. If you want to install and play Dragon Nest Mobile on your computer, please refer to the article Instructions to download and install Dragon Nest Mobile on a computer Please.

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I. Strongest Class in PvE

Dragon Nest

In PvE, the strongest ability depends on the skills and equipment of individuals and teammates in the team. Should also be quite commentary to see which Class is the most powerful in the PvE system. We can only show the most suitable and unsuitable classes in PvE in the list below.

1. Class melee PvE best

  • Warrior – Mercenary: Good spread, damage on a large area and stable, suitable for melee attack boss. Compared to swordsmen, it’s fine, but requires higher player skills.
  • Assassins – Rings: Mainly single-hit, but with very high damage, flexible and agile movement speed, very good dodge skills.
  • Rabbi – Knights: Among the most buffalo type and can be the main tank for the team, if invested enough, the damage will be very strong. The monk is the main healer, so he has a different role in the team.
  • Archers – Photo Dance: The skill is fast, consumes a lot of mana, but the damage is not very good and it is easy to be hit by the boss. In general, the ability to contribute to the team is quite small.

Advantages: Close attack, stable damage and can do combo damage continuously.

Defect: It is difficult to observe when the boss is hit, it is necessary to have dodge skills or actively dodge to not die, otherwise, a healer must pump continuously to survive.

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2. The best far-fetched class PvE

  • Witches – Elemental Masters: The damage spread is huge, especially the fire system, the monster clears quickly, and the damage given to the boss is not mediocre. The laser mage branch also deals decent damage, but the effect is smaller.
  • Archers – Gunners: Deals the longest range damage in the game, the damage is stable.
  • Scholar: The Engineer branch tends to do more damage and the Alchemy branch supports better healing. In general, both offer good damage support in the team.
  • Assassins – Fake tricks: Average damage range, but also quite dangerous when raid bosses, average damage with teammates. Requires good movement skills.

Advantages: As the team’s main source of damage, the strong point is having better positions, easy to see when the boss attacks and from there being able to dodge first.

Defect: The amount of health is very poor, the escape and escape skills are very small, it is easy to stick to the continuous combo of some bosses, so it is necessary to equip high gear to deal damage.

II. Best support class

Dragon Nest

This is an indispensable class to buff and pump blood for the team, especially the difficult raid nest. Below are the classes most suitable for this support position.

  • Rabbi – Priest – Saint: The team’s main pump, evenly heals a lot of health and also has effect stakes. Also buffs additional damage / def. However, the team cooldown is long and the movement speed is slow, so good skill allocation needs to be arranged. Currently, this Class is the best support for the current game
  • Assassin – Alchemist – Light Fury: While pumping blood but also causing extra damage, melee support is very good in the team. Although the heal is little, but in return there is damage.
  • Physician – Alchemist – Physician: Long-range support with healing skills, reducing cd for teammates, this is a class that is not pure support but still does the best damage for the team.
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Advantages: The main role in the team should be warmly welcomed and the raid nests in the future have a major role in helping the team survive in the boss.

Defect: Less damage so leveling is also more extreme than other classes, needing more investment.

III. The most powerful class in PvP

Actually, there is no strongest Class in PvP, if it does, then that class has the most players. The strongest class only depends on how to control your character, specifically, it depends on how you let the opponent use up all their escape skills and launch combos so that the enemy takes continuous damage without doing anything. OK.

The melee class has its own advantage of combining combos and controlling the opponent, while with a long-range attack class, you can attack at a long distance while the enemy is trying to close you or trying to run away. me.

Dragon Nest

  • Warrior – Linh is hired by: Hit spread, good resistance to effects. The higher the skill resistance to the effect increases, the damage will bounce back. High technical requirements
  • Warriors – Swordsmen: The spread is not much, but the combo is long, which can be combined in both melee and mid-range attacks. If you enter the combo, the chance will only die, not get out.
  • Archers – Photo Vu: PvE is not good but very powerful in PvP, extremely good control, good airborn combo, very fast skill recovery and high mobility.
  • Archers – Gunners: Not very good in PvP if they are close to, the defense and escape skills are also less than others, so it is easy to get combos. But if you follow the magic branch and lure the opponent to chase you enough, the ability to counterattack is very good. Requires player control skills.
  • Witches – Elemental Masters: Great damage, lots of skills and very agile. Mainly the ability to launch combos with or without the enemy.
  • Witches – Mages: Wide area damage is annoying and has a lot of control skills. However, the skill is a bit difficult to use, dealing with slow-moving classes quite well, but difficult to hit in high-speed classes like Bow and Assassin.
  • Rabbi – Knight: Extremely beefy, specializing in close proximity and continuous combo of difficult interruptions. The damage is not much but the combo is long enough to destroy others.
  • Rabbi – Monk: Although the buffalo does not deal with damage, so when hitting is quite tiring, in return, the basic combo is similar to the Knight with many wide-area skills, helping to both combo and force the enemy to stick to the uncomfortable lightning column.
  • Scholars – Engineers: Summoning a lot of robots to fight together, it will mess the screen, very suitable for PvP.
  • Scholar – Alchemist: Basic mid-range damage, many control skills to control the chase, but the style of “kite flying” is similar to other classes.
  • Assassins – Rings: The damage is quite high, fast stacking and short combo, but the high damage makes Ninja also quite dangerous in PvP if he catches and can’t control the enemy.
  • Assassins – Fake tricks: The ability to summon the ball is quite annoying, quite well confronted with the long-range classes, but a bit weak with melee classes like Warrior and Anh Vu.
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Hopefully, with some of the above sharing will help you find the appropriate class in Dragon Nest Mobile.

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