How to quickly build a house in Mini World: Block Art

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Mini World: Block Art there are tons of tools out there to help you accomplish the impossible. In addition to the features that turn items in the game from normal to items with special skills, to the feature to assist players to immediately reach the resource area to search …

Or even build a house in seconds, but this is not a feature that is edited in the game, it is thanks to an available item that very few people know. If you are also one of those who do not know this item, please take a look guide to building fast houses in Mini World: Block Art below.

Instructions on how to quickly build a house in Mini World: Block Art

Step 1: Build a house you love with an area you like, you can build with any material you love.

New house construction Mini World

Step 2: Next use a Architectural Replication Block in the right corner of your house, as shown below.

Using Mini World architectural replication block

Step 3: Then put one Architectural replication block Another diagonal upper corner, you must remember to place this block higher than your house. Suggest that you can build a pillar higher than your house and then put it Architectural replication block In that position, let’s knock out the pillar below.

Set of Mini World architectural duplicates block

You can place the green frame around the house as in the image above, then turn to the copy block in the position below. Put Construction table design in front of this block.

Set of Mini World blueprints

If you see a frame from green to black and yellow like this, you are successful.

Mini World blueprint frame

Next you will need some Sugarcane and some Soft Skin. For sugar cane you can get it around the riverbank or simply pull it out from the item table.

Mini World Sugarcane

With Soft Skin, you have to kill a Cow to get it, this item is not on the list of available items of Creative level. You will now have to switch to Survival mode.

Mini World soft leather

Put out the Tool Chest and start crafting Sugarcane into plain paper.

Crafting the Mini World piece of paper

After you have a normal page, combine with Soft Leather to make it Blank Paper Axis.

Fabrication of the Mini World blank paper shaft

Once you have a Blank Paper Shaft, return to your design desk, right-click on it.

Set of Mini World blueprints

Click Blank Paper Axis in part Select Ingredients, the paper will go to Formula Design, write the name of the design and click on Craft.

Name blueprints Mini World

Click on the finished drawing to remove it from the crafting table.

Completed blueprints for Mini World

The current blueprint will be transferred to your inventory, move it down to the toolbar and switch to Creative.

Select the Mini World blueprint

Place your drawing in a flat position. Immediately it will show the frame of the house you just built,

Set of Mini World blueprints

Next, you will need a power supply item for the blueprint for the mine, and the item Electric generator is the most suitable. Place an electric generator next to the drawing and you’ll see your house build automatically.

Start building the Mini World blueprint

However, the blueprint does not include the house, including the floor and decorative items such as beds …

Completed construction of the Mini World blueprint

If the blueprint is caught somewhere, the missing part of the blueprint will be filled with what’s around.

Mini World inserted drawing

If you want to build an entire city with close proximity to each other, you can do this trick to reduce the time spent on your project. However, if you want to build a city, you should choose a flat terrain to do, hopefully with the above Mini World tips will save you time to have beautiful works in the game.

If you want to build in typical terrains in the Mini World such as ice mountains, red soil, bamboo forests, you have to go find and start your work. However, you can use the Map Code import feature in Mini World: Block Art to get to the area you want right from the map creation. You can see in the article Some Map Code in Mini World: Block Art and how to enter the code.

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