How to download and install FIFA 18 Demo on PlayStation

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One of the most popular sports game names, FIFA has officially revealed the “darling” of FIFA 18 to football fans. While waiting for the full version, scheduled to be released on September 29, you can pre-experience FIFA 18 Demo on Play Station in the way below:


  • This guide can be used on Xbox One devices as well
  • Your device requires an Internet connection and an additional email account not associated with PlayStation Network or Xbox Live

Step 1: Go to the Settings options to create a new user account. Select “New to PlayStation Network? Create an account ”at the bottom of the screen.

Create a FIFA 18 Demo game account

Step 2: Enter the required country or region name. Choose New Zealand. Language and date of birth can be set according to your preference. Next, click Next.

Enter registration information

Step 3: At this point, the system will ask you to enter your postcode, city and county. Please enter the following information in the corresponding box, and then click Next.

  • Postcode – 2579
  • City – Ararimu
  • State / Province – Ararimu

Enter the area code according to the instructions

Step 4: Enter the registered email address and password. Click Next.

Confirm information

Step 5: It’s done. Now simply follow the instructions on the screen to create a new user account. Also, don’t forget to verify your email when completing the PlayStation Network account opening process. Then, downloading FIFA 18 for PlayStation on your computer is able to experience immediately.

Things to know about football game FIFA 18 Demo

The reason you have to set up the address in New Zealand is because this is the first country that FIFA 18 Demo supports. This latest top-of-the-line soccer game is playable on PS4, Xbox One and PC via PlayStation Store, Xbox Live, EA Origin. Its size is around 7.3 GB and with a large number of downloaders, it is most likely speed download FIFA 18 Demo will be a bit slow.

Outstanding features of football game FIFA 18 Demo

  • FIFA 18 Demo allows players to control many different teams on real stadiums. The team list includes: Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Bayern Munich, PSG, LA Galaxy, Toronto FC, Boca Juniors, Chivas, Vissel Kobe
  • Players will have the opportunity to experience the first part of the return of the Alex Hunter -The Journey: Hunter Returns story mode

EA Sport’s FIFA has always been the most anticipated football game of the year. FIFA 18 promises to bring many attractive features with more tweaks and slick graphics thanks to the use of the Frostbite engine. We are eagerly looking forward to the official launch date FIFA 18. Follow for the fastest update information about it.

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