How to choose a character to play Dragon Nest Mobile

Dragon Nest Mobile There are up to 6 different characters for players to choose from, but which character to use? Why? Or character traits in Dragon Nest M what? Who is the strongest character in Dragon Nest Mobile? These are difficult questions, causing headaches for many players.

Dragon Nest Mobile is an extremely “hot” tactical role-playing game today on the mobile platform. With a character system consisting of 6 different classes, each character has advantages, disadvantages as well as different fighting styles. So, to choose a suitable playing character or easily bring you to glory in this strategy game is not easy.

Dragon Nest

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Character classes in the game Dragon Nest Mobile

Characteristics of characters in Dragon Nest Mobile

Dragon Nest Mobile’s character system includes:

  • Scholar
  • Combatant
  • Assassin
  • Archers
  • Teacher
  • Witch

Each of these characters has different features, gameplay and characteristics, if you are wondering which character to choose, you can refer to the following article of

1. Character Warrior in Dragon Nest Mobile

This is a character with a fighting style melee combat, possessing the ability to dash and move quickly to attack opponents. During the game, character Combatant can be upgraded and evolved into Swordsman and Mercenary in the first career changeover (when reaching level 15 and level 45).

Warrior Character

Characteristics of Warrior:

  • Weapon used: Sword
  • Level of difficult: **
  • Advantages:
    • Melee attack is quite good and flexible.
    • High damage ability.
    • Able to attack continuously.
    • Is the only class that can run fast.
  • Defect:
    • Low magic resistance
    • The monster’s ability to get out of combos is low
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2. Archer character in Dragon Nest Mobile

Archers is the support character class and has scope attack is quite far (from mid to long range). This character uses a bow and arrow to destroy enemies while possessing great dodge abilities. During the two upgrades and changes in character development direction, Archers can be changed into Photo Vu and Archer.

Archer character

Features of Archers:

  • Weapon used: Bow
  • Level of difficult: **
  • Advantages:
    • Fast movement speed.
    • Remote attack makes the enemy unable to defend, easy to surprise.
    • Flexible, good dodge ability
  • Defect:
    • Poor defense.
    • There aren’t many skills that can deal massive damage.

3. The character of the Teacher in Dragon Nest Mobile

Dubbed “Son of Justice – Paladin”, Priest is a capable character class support very good. Although the ability to attack is weak, this character can withstand great damage and is a perfect shield to protect teammates. Clergy can develop into Monks and Knight.

Heroic character

Characteristics of the Teacher:

  • Weapon used: Staff
  • Level of difficult: **
  • Advantages:
    • The highest amount of blood
    • The best resistance to damage
    • Is the best defense character
    • With a mid-range damage and attack range, this is the character with the best support in the game.
  • Defect:
    • Slow, low movement speed, inflexible
    • Less skill helps the character to dodge attacks

4. Character Witch in Dragon Nest Mobile

Possesses equal attacks Magical extremely powerful and powerful, Witch is the only character capable of inflicting massive damage on multiple targets at the same time. Players can choose to become their own character development Elemental Master or Mage when certain conditions are reached.

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Witch character

Characteristics of Witches:

  • Weapon used: Magic
  • Level of difficult: ****
  • Advantages:
    • Ability to deal great damage, wide damage area.
    • Has the ability to stun and control Monsters well.
  • Defect:
    • Poor defense
    • Low health and easy to suffer disadvantages when surrounded by a large number of enemies but the skill has not recovered.

5. Character Scholars in Dragon Nest Mobile

Scholar The character can attack in midrange and use the cannons to attack destroy the enemy. This class is quite special, because it can summon a companion robot in the process of fighting. This robot will attract the enemy’s attention, allowing the Scholar to keep a safe distance or to attack more easily. Alchemist and Engineer are the next two character classes that Scholars can evolve at the changing careers of the game.

Character Scholar

Characteristics of Scholars:

  • Weapons used: Cannon (giant cannons)
  • Level of difficult: **
  • Advantages:
    • The easiest character to play, suitable for players who do not have much gaming skills.
    • Help robots can be summoned.
    • The ability to deal damage is quite large and has a wide damage area
  • Defect:
    • Less maneuverable Scholar
    • It is difficult to escape the enemy’s continuous attack.

6. Character Assassin in Dragon Nest Mobile

This is the character class that is most popular. Assassin has a personal style, extremely good melee ability, close to the target fast, at the same time extremely flexible During dodge, acrobatics escape the opponent’s skill. During the first change in career development of Assassin, players can choose to become Ninja or Sorcerer.

Assassin character

Characteristics of Assassins:

  • Weapon used: Two-dagger
  • Level of difficult: *
  • Advantages:
    • Melee is very good
    • Close to the enemy quickly
    • Extremely versatile and maneuverable
    • Skills and combat abilities are the best and most abundant in Dragon Nest M’s character system
  • Defect:
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