How to change Facebook phone number

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Changing your Facebook phone number is a simple way for you to replace your old phone number with a new phone number that is convenient for logging into Facebook or you simply want to remain anonymous, don’t want anyone to rely on this phone number to find out your account. your Facebook account. How to change Facebook phone number is also quite simple and readers just need to follow the instructions that we share in the article below.

Through your phone number, Facebook equips a feature to link with this user’s phone number for the purpose of account security, find the password via text message or replace the login name with Email with the same email address. many other benefits. However, in case you want to change your new Facebook phone number or you lose your phone, the problem will become very serious if bad guys can log into your Facebook account. Therefore, in the following article, Taimienphi will share with readers a very simple way to protect their account that is to delete and replace. change facebook phone number.

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How to change Facebook phone number, change previous Facebook account registration number

How to change Facebook phone number

1. Change phone number on computer

Step 1: Using any web browser, you log into the Facebook account you want to change your phone number. On the interface using that personal Facebook account, you click on the arrow icon on the Facebook menu bar and then select Settings (Settings) as shown below.

how to use facebook 2 phone number

Step 2: The Facebook account settings interface appears, here you click on the item Mobile (Mobile) in the left column and click on Add another mobile phone number (Add another mobile number)

how to use facebook 3 phone number

Step 3: The dialog box to confirm your phone number appears, enter the personal phone number you want to change and press tiếp tục (Continue) to go to the next step.

how to use facebook 4 phone number

Step 4: Enter the confirmation code sent by the system to the phone number you just entered and press Accept (Accept)

how to use facebook 5

And you will get a notification that your mobile device has been confirmed.

how to use facebook 6 phone number

Right now you can remove the old Facebook phone number by clicking Remove from your account (Remove from your account)

how to use facebook 7 phone number

Click next Delete phone (Erase phone) to confirm.

how to use facebook 8 phone number

2. Change Facebook phone number on phone

Step 1: Start the Facebook application, click on the 3 dashes icon in the lower right corner of the application.

how to use facebook 9 phone number

Step 2: The interface of Facebook options appears, you slide down and click on the item Settings (Settings) and then click on Account Settings (Account Settings) in the dialog box that follows immediately.

how to use facebook 10

Step 3: On the Facebook account settings interface, find and click on the item Text Messaging (Text message)

how to use facebook 11 phone number

Step 4: You will then see a pop-up with your old phone number. You click on the item Add another phone (Add another phone) to change Facebook phone number

how to use facebook 12

Step 5: Enter your new phone number in the request field and select tiếp tục (Continue).

how to use facebook 13

Step 6: At this time, the system will send a confirmation code to your new phone number, enter this number in the required field and press Accept (Accept). You will receive a notification that you have completed adding your phone number to your Facebook account.

how to use facebook phone 14

Step 7: Return to the text message settings page, you will see all the phone numbers that you are using with your Facebook account. You can now click on the item Remove from your account (Delete from your account) corresponding to the old phone number to complete the Facebook phone number change.

how to use facebook phone 15

Enter your Facebook account password and press Delete phone (Erase phone) to save the settings.

how to use facebook 16

Thus, with the two methods that Taimienphi shared above, readers can easily change their Facebook phone number as well as use this new phone number to log in to Facebook in the future. Along with changing the Facebook phone number above, readers can also change their Facebook email address through the article on how to change Facebook email that we recently shared to help secure your account as well as log in to Facebook safely. more completely.
Using a phone number on Facebook also helps you set up better Facebook 2-layer security, if you don’t know how, you can refer to the detailed steps of 2-layer Facebook security here. Good luck.

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