How to build general Olaf in Wild Rift League

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By building items, combining spells, gameplay … to build generals Olaf in Wild Rift Alliance play more fiery. Readers also refer to the following article of to learn more about how to build and build General Olaf in Wild Rift.

Thanks to the ultimate Apocalypse Ragnarok, Olaf can remove all crowd control effects to reach enemy champions faster. This is one of the most “terrifying obsessions” for paper-blooded generals.

how to do it for olaf in the alliance toc chien

Instructions to build Olaf map of Wild Rift Alliance

Olaf is also considered a versatile champion who can choose to go Top or Jungle, so depending on the position of his path, he can choose different ways to build.

How to build general Olaf in Wild Rift League

1. Crafting General Olaf in Wild Rift

– Black Cleaver: This equipment makes Olaf stronger when dueling with enemies. The reason is because Black Cleaver has the ability to reduce the target’s armor by up to 4% for 6 seconds (can stack up to 6 times to reduce armor by 24%). Besides, the equipment also gives Olaf 30 physical damage, 20% cooldown reduction and 350HP.
– Ninja Tabi: gives Olaf 10 more armor, blocks 10% of damage from enemy basic attacks.

how to build olaf in the alliance

– Deadman Plate: One point that players should note is that general Olaf is very easy to die, even at the beginning of the fight. So you can equip the Deadman Plate for Olaf to add 50 armor and 300 HP.
– Randuin Omen: This item reduces Olaf’s damage from critical hits and attack speed by 15%.
– Spirit Visage: similarly, this item increases Olaf’s HP recovery by 100%.
– Guardian Angel: Angel armor helps Olaf live longer.
– Glorious Enchant: In addition, players can upgrade Ninja Tabi to Glorious Enchant, which increases Olaf’s movement speed by 15% for 4 seconds. Increases movement speed by 60% when moving near enemies or turrets. After activating for 4 seconds, Glorious Enchant will apply a shock effect that slows nearby enemies by 50% for 2 seconds.

2. Runes for Olaf in Wild Rift

– Conqueror (conquer): is a “true” gladiator champion, so Olaf needs strong damage to finish off his opponent quickly. The Conqueror Gem adds 2 – 6 damage to Olaf (based on level) and can be stacked 5 times, giving a maximum increase of 10 – 30 physical damage.
– Triumph (victory): in Domination gem damage, you can use Triumph gem points to increase Olaf’s HP by 10% after each kill of the opponent’s champion. In addition, there is an effect that increases damage by 3% for enemies with HP below 35%.

how to do it for olaf in the alliance toc chien

– Hunter – Titan (giant hunter): gain up to 20 extra HP and 4% durability after every single champion kill in the match.
– Pack Hunter (ruthless hunter): This rune increases Olaf’s movement speed by 2% while near an ally, as well as giving the ally an additional 50 gold when the two combine to kill an enemy champion.

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3. Olaf’s Summoner Spell in Wild Rift

– Ignite or Smite:

Ignite (Road): The use of Ignite effect is beneficial to Olaf when in combat with an opponent, increasing damage by 60 – 410 (depending on level) for 5 seconds, killing the target in combat. Use Ignite when the target’s HP is low.

Smite (jungle): use this summoner when playing Olaf in the jungle position to kill monsters, making it easier for you to jungling.

In which you can choose 1 of 2 smite: Challenging Smite Reduces damage dealt to Olaf and Chilling Smite Creates an effect that slows down opponents while they are moving.

build olaf alliance to understand it

– Flash (flash): as mentioned in previous posts, this summoner spell is used while chasing or running away from an opponent, and has a cooldown of 150 seconds.

4. Skill set for General Olaf in Wild Rift

General Olaf relies heavily on basic attacks and his 3 Reckless Swing. Therefore, you need to skillfully use the ultimate Ragnarok to close your opponent.

by olaf union alliance toc chien

Here are Olaf’s basic skill sets:

Undertow (1) => Ragnarok (Ultimate) => Vicious Strikes (2) – Basic Attack => Reckless Swing (3)

5. How to play general Olaf

Step 1: Use 3 Reckless Swing ability to create strong damage effects, to finish the opponent.
Step 2: Use 1 Undertow to pick up the previously thrown ax, reducing the cooldown.

how to play olaf with the dan dan that you have given me in the alliance

Step 3: Use 2nd hit Vicious Strikes to keep Olaf steady while on the road.

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Based on how to build general Olaf in the Wild Rift League that introduced above will help you make the most of this gladiator’s ability.

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