Mission and goal system in Temple Run 2

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Temple Run 2 is the next version in the popular Temple Run series on mobile with many significant improvements and more engaging content. To master this game, you need to understand the system of tasks and goals that you need to complete in Temple Run 2.

Game Instructions:

Like every other game, Temple Run 2 players will be trained through the Tutorial. For an endless runner style game, you will run from the beginning of the game. The monkey head monster will be right behind you, making you run non-stop. The goal of the game is Run away from monsters and avoid obstacles along the way. This is a short tutorial, past this stage you can officially play the game.

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The tutorial will teach you how jump over gaps or broken lines by swiping your finger upwards. This maneuver is also used for jumping up and down the rope. To turn left or right, you just need to swipe left or right respectively. Players can Slide to get through the overhead obstacles when swiping back down the screen or Tilt the machine to change lanes for the character.

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Collect gold:

When you see gold along the way, Tilt the machine to the direction with gold to collect. Gold is the main currency in Temple Run 2, helping you upgrade Power Up packages, unlock characters…

Collect Power Ups:

Each level begins with a default player-selected Power Up. Double tap the screen to activate Power Up this whenever you need.

Temple Run 2 Mission 6 - EmergenceingameTemple Run 2 Mission 11 - Emergenceingame

On the run, you will see a lot of Power Ups to collect. When approaching any Power Up, perform the action jump in the air to receive them, It works for a short time but is extremely useful so try to make the most of it while it’s still active. It could be magnet to attract gold, coins to increase the amount of coins collected, runner icon to run automatically at breakneck speed without dodging obstacles or green gems to add a life.

Temple Run 2 Mission 10 - Emergenceingame

Accomplish goals:

There are many goals in the game Temple Run 2 besides trying to run the longest distance. Objectives include collecting the required amount of gold, collecting blue gems, running a certain distance… Completing these goals will give you well-deserved bonus points and level up quickly.


When tripping, hitting your head on an obstacle or falling off a cliff, you will be caught by a monkey head monster, equivalent to Game Over. You will have 2 options: press Save Me and spend a green gem to continue running, plus a chance to spin the wheel of fortune for valuable rewards; option 2 is to press Run Again to start a new run. Don’t forget to share your new record on your screen Run Again this by pressing the . button Share.

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When starting a new lap, you can go to the page Upgrades to upgrade the runner’s skill, change the key skill (applied when double tapping the run screen) or simply press Run Again instant to reuse the old character.

Mine Exploration:

You will hop on a wagon to travel on wooden tracks in the mines. The player control system in the mines is also a little different from the running outside: swipe down to lower the character’s head avoid overhead obstacles instead of full body sliding, Tilt the machine to change lanes of the trolley.

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For split rails, tilt the device to the other side of the track so that the cart moves evenly on it. In the mines there is also a lot of gold for you to collect in the same way as when running on the road.

Power Up Upgrade:

Like every other game, the Power Up or add-on factor plays a very important role, making the game more attractive, reducing the difficulty and optimally supporting players to overcome different challenges.

By understanding each Power Up and upgrading them properly, you can Improve the efficiency of Power Up when playing as well as increasing the time to use them on the run.

Temple Run 2 Mission 13 - Emergenceingame

  • Shield: is the default Power Up that protects you from fire, spinning spikes, rocks and wooden beams.
  • Magnet: Unlocked in level 5 with automatic gold attraction function.
  • Boost: runner icon, help the character run faster and avoid all barriers. The downside is that it doesn’t automatically collect gold.

Temple Run 2 Mission 14 - EmergenceingameTemple Run 2 Mission 15 - EmergenceingameTemple Run 2 Mission 16 - Emergenceingame

Unlock character:

In Temple Run 2, you can buy custom characters but can’t unlock them without reaching the required level and stats. Each character has its own skills and abilities. If some characters, such as Bruce Lee, can only be purchased with real money, others are unlocked with the amount of gold you collect through each run.

Item upgrade:

Upgrading items and equipment will help you to achieve higher in the game. When spending a corresponding amount, you will be able to upgrade 20% of that item and apply it directly to the next run.

Temple Run 2 Mission 17 - Emergenceingame

  • Pickup Spawn: The above Power Ups will appear more often with a rate of 10%.
  • HeadStart: reduce the cost of using Head Start by the amount of gold from 250 VND.
  • Score Multiplier: Level up the score by one.
  • Coin Value: double or triple the gold value.
  • Save Me: reduce the cost of using Save Me by the amount of gold you purchased to upgrade this package.

Have fun playing the game!

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