My Talking Angela game tips for beginners

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My Talking Angela is a famous and very popular cat raising game today. The same product of the developer Outfit7, but My Talking Angela has many different features compared to the super crazy Tom cat.

The cat who can imitate human voices and express emotions like a real cat has become a close friend of many simulation game lovers because of its simple and addictive gameplay. But how to raise cats fast, earn a lot of gold coins, the most effective way to play the game is not everyone knows. This article, will introduce to you how to raise female cats quickly, easily and save time.

Make sure you have download My Talking Angela for free to your phone or update to the latest version to access the full content of the game.

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On-screen navigation icons

How to play My Talking Angela

You can see numbered icons at the top of the screen.

1. The amount of gold you own in the game, it will increase as you level up, play mini games, take care of cats or do daily tasks.

2. Diamond: is a premium money, you can pick up diamonds that fall on the floor (of course not always), do quests or recharge real money to buy diamonds. This currency supports a lot when playing, but if you have a good game strategy, you do not need to waste your money because its price is quite high.

3. Turn off the sound icon: the cat will not imitate human voices nor make any noise when playing.

4. Click on the icon to go to some other games of the publisher.

5. Watch short videos of game characters if you have an Internet connection.

6. Click this icon to play mini games. Playing mini games not only earns a lot of gold, but also increases the happiness of the female cat Angela.

7. Here you can see your Sticker collection. Collecting stickers can help you unlock a number of items in the store including costumes, room decorations, makeup, etc.

How to play My Talking Angela

How to purchase

8. Click on the shopping cart icon to purchase: you can buy some items as follows. But remember to only buy necessary items, do not spend too much gold. When buying, you should consider the items that can level up quickly with the red circle (Figure 2). The larger the number of additions, the higher the leveling speed will be.

purchase in my talking angela purchase in my talking angela

9. Letter icon: receive messages from friends on Facebook or from publishers.

Let the cat play games

10. Smileys: click here to take you to the playground where you can play mini games, and see the sticker collection.

Feed the cat

11. Click the icon to go to the cafeteria.

Cat hygiene

12. Click the icon to go to the bathroom, where you can brush your cat’s teeth and bathe the cat.

Cat hygiene my talking angelamy talking angela

Let the cat sleep

13. Put the cat to sleep, remember the lamp next to Angela’s bed!

Above are some basic instructions for beginners to play My Talking Angela virtual cat game. Hopefully the article can help you quickly get used to how to raise a completely new virtual cat. Have fun playing the game!

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