In Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Greek nude statues will be “censored”

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2 days ago, new mode Discovery Tour Assassin’s Creed: Origins has officially been released. With this mode, the Assassin Guild game suddenly transforms into an encyclopedia of ancient civilizations. Here, you will be able to visit countless architectural works, or even ancient celebrities, and hear and learn about the stories around them. Among them, the Greek civilization with statues honoring the beauty of the human body are definitely highlights not to be missed. However, without being too observant, you will also notice something unusual about these statues.

Travel to the Serapeum of Alexandria, an ancient Greek temple built in honor of Serapis, the Greco-Egyptian sun god now ruined. With the Discovery Tour, you’ll be able to marvel at its untouched beauty in the first century BC. Standing gracefully in front of the Great Library of Alexandria are beautiful statues depicting and honoring the female figure. However, for some unknown reason, those statues were stolen Ubisoft enchanted as Mermaid cosplayers, with seashells covering their chests.


Not stopping at the feminine statues, some other masculine statues have also been covered with “discreet” parts by shells. It seems that Ubisoft is being too careful with the “nude” content in its game. It is clear, however, that this excessive “censor” has become ludicrous and somewhat obscures the beauty of these masterpieces. Imagine, if Michelangelo’s statue of David existed in the game, and his masculine parts were covered with seashells, how much worse that would become.


Explaining these moves, a Ubisoft spokesperson shared: “The Discovery Tour was created with the aim of maximizing the number of people who can learn and interact with ancient civilizations long lost. . We work closely with academics and academia to create content that is relevant to everyone, including all ages, countries or cultures.”

The reason for this is quite reasonable because “nude” content is treated differently in different countries around the world, including modern Egypt. Last month, female model Marisa Papen (Belgium) was detained just for taking pictures nude with the Pyramids as “background”. Obviously, in some countries, it is possible that these ancient masterpieces will be judged as depraved and banned.


However, instead of covering the sensitive parts of the above statues with seashells, a more receptive method for players is to cover/uncover the statues depending on the country ID the player lives in. . Ubisoft has not announced anything about this measure, and is currently “hiding” the above “sensitive content” from all players.

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