A major Chinese phone company was accused of forcing children to load games, spending 20 million in less than 2 hours

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Now, it is not uncommon for children to use phones anymore, but as phones increasingly integrate more and more utilities, such as payments, perhaps adults should be more careful. Recently, a Chinese man surnamed Xu discovered in his payment list that there was an entry of up to 3370 yuan (about more than 11 million dong) flowing into the science and technology company Angel.​

The money continuously poured into the account of Angel Science and Technology Company

However, he did not know anything about this expenditure, after investigating, it turned out that his 10-year-old daughter stole his father’s phone to download a game called Minecraft Mobile from your phone’s app store Vivoafterward load game more than 3000 yuan. A similar case also happened to Mr. Cao, last December, his 8-year-old son took his phone to download Sniper 3D: Fun Offline Gun Shooting Games Free. After that, Cao’s son recharged the game many times, in less than two hours he spent 6066 yuan (more than 20 million VND), the fastest time was 1296 yuan (about 4.3 million) in just 40 seconds. .

Coincidentally, all of the above games are downloaded from Vivo’s app store, the representative of the aforementioned Angel Science and Technology company is the vice president and CEO of Vivo Corporation. . This raises suspicions that the major Chinese phone company intentionally loosens the necessary procedures, creating favorable conditions for children to recharge their parents’ accounts to make money in the game.

There are some questions raised as to why there are games in this app store that do not need to be registered (usually need a phone number or ID card) according to regulations but can still be played, why? Children don’t know the payment password of their parents but can still load the game, why are there not any notification messages from the bank or other payment software after loading.


After being denounced by a series of parents, Vivo was forced to refund the money. Initially, Vivo had no such intention, but it was constantly called by parents, so the company decided to compensate. However, parents are not only required to submit a series of complicated documents, but they only return up to 90% of the deposited amount, not the entire amount.​

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