How to add “Chip” to the character in the game Campaign Legend

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Campaign Legend is one of the most attractive mobile shooting games today. In its latest version, this game has added a lot of new features, including a unique and interesting “Chip” feature. Not only helps the game become more professional and modern, but in the game, the chip can also help the character change strength, supplement other skills during combat.

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With this new feature, the chip for the character will support in three positions, corresponding to the three main actions of the character in the game, thereby helping all activities in the game better, playing better games and increasing the attractiveness. guide for the game.

Install power boost chips in Campaigns of Legends

Step 1: You log into the game, touch The main character’s head icon I am playing. If it’s your first time using this feature after an update, there will be a guide for you.

Choose to enter Continue to perform.

Main interface

Step 2: Touch Chip icon on the right side of the screen.

Chip icon

There are three types of Chip, corresponding to the three main actions of the character, they are:

  • Chip Hand (Hand slot): Increased damage ability for guns.
  • Chip Head (Top slot): Increases the character’s defense.
  • Chip Foot (Foot gap): Increased mobility, more flexibility.

Step 2: If you want to equip any Chip, touch the Chip icon.

Select Chip

Touch next Install below.

Install the chip

Step 3: Select from the list of chips you currently have the type of chip you want to use.

Select existing chip

Then select the item Change in the bottom right corner of the screen to perform.


Notice of successful character installation chip. You can see that the character’s strength when using the guns is significantly increased.

Installed successfully

We can Chip Matching together to use or search for more by exiting the main screen, select Mission, select to card Chip / Assistant to find more chips to upgrade the character.


Wish you all success!

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