What is TV Chasing? How does this new feature work?

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Chasing Chasing has just launched the in-game TV Chasing feature, bringing a new spirit of food for gamers every time they play the game. Every gamer has the opportunity to become a reporter on the battlefield, to bring useful videos and clips for everyone to enjoy.

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What is TV Chasing?

Truy Truy TV TV is a place to entertain gamers after hours of gaming, there are many good and useful videos provided by our battlefield reporters. Truy Khuc TV was born in order to find talents in Truy Khuc village, in all fields.

How does TV Activation work?

At the main interface of the game Pursuit, click TV Retrieval button menu on the right side of the screen. The main interface of TV Chasing includes the following functions:

  • List of Clips (1)
  • Main interface for viewing clip (2)
  • Rankings (3)
  • Reviews on clips (4)
  • Donate Ranking (5)

Chasing TV

Scoring rules for reporters:

Scoring rules for reporters

Scoring rules for donors:

Scoring rules for donors

Reporter rankings:

Reporter rankings

Rankings of donors:

Reporter rankings

Each month there will be a different topic for battlefield reporters to perform, gifts for reporters as well as viewers, donate participation will vary according to each topic. So, you guys regularly follow up for the latest information!

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