How to upgrade weapons game Legendary Campaign

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Increase power, to life for guns in the game Campaign Legend

The weapon system in the game Campaign Legend is very rich and diverse, each with its own features, advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing in battle, is that the player’s weapon must ensure quality, not only beautiful shape, but also must have the power to prevail over the enemy.

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To power up a gun in Campaign Legends, the only way is to upgrade it, upgrade it. However, many players do not even notice or know how to do this. It makes it difficult for them to complete all the missions no matter how long they play.

Step 1: Log in to the game account, at the main interface of the Legendary Campaign, left-click on the item Warehouse.

Gun arsenal in the game Legendary Campaigns

Step 2: The list of all guns appears, you choose the weapon to upgrade by touching or left-clicking on it. If you do not see the weapon you need (because there are too many), you can choose to check in the details of each gun category above to check.

Choose the gun to upgrade

Step 3: More information about the current gun is displayed, you click Upgrade to start.


To be able to upgrade the gun, the player must have experience card (gun EXP Card).


Step 4: Choose to enter Quick add to use all existing gun EXP cards for upgrades.

Quickly add materials to upgrade the Legendary Campaign gun

Quick add will use all available cards to upgrade guns

Or maybe Click the box with the plus sign below to add cards in turn with arbitrary numbers.

Select upgrade materials in the game Campaign Legend

Step 5: Choose the number of gun experience cards to give in upgrades, then select enter OK.

Use gun EXP cards to upgrade

Step 6: Gun information if successfully upgraded will appear. Damage stats, strength, and gun levels are all increased.

Upgrade your gun with experience cards

Click Upgrade to begin

Step 7: The process will only take a few seconds and our weapons have been increased in strength (from level 1 to 11, the level of damage and firepower has also increased a lot).

Successful upgrade

Upgrade other parts of the gun

In addition to upgrading the general level of the weapon, we can also upgrade other components and parts of the gun to increase the attack power for this weapon.

Upgrade other parts

With guns in the game Campaign Legend, there will be 6 different parts to upgrade, each of which complements a gun element.

Upgrading the scope for the gun in the game Huyen Thoai Campaign

Specifically, with the AWM sniper that I just upgraded, there will be:

  • Viewfinder: Increases “damage” when aiming at long range (critical wound).
  • Gun body: Rate of fire increased.
  • Cartridge box: Increases the amount of ammo.
  • Barrel: Keep the projectile to fly more accurately.
  • Bullet: Increased penetration (great when shooting enemies hiding behind obstacles).
  • Stock: Reduced recoil after each shot.

Upgrade the power of the gun in the Legendary Campaign game

After the upgrade is completed, it can be seen that the power of the gun has been greatly increased.

CDHT nang cap 15 done - Emergenceingame

With the above method, you can upgrade the weapon power for your teammates. As the power increases, all quests will no longer be too difficult for you.

However, there are a few things to note when upgrading guns in Campaigns of Legends:

  • You must have experience cards (EXP cards) guns to upgrade.
  • Guns are upgraded to life, the higher the upgrade, the more the shape changes, the more power increases.
  • It will take a certain amount of gold to upgrade your gun. The more you upgrade, the more EXP and gold cards will be lost.
  • In the process of selecting experience cards, you can click to select more or click on the red circle icon to remove.
  • A gun can have many levels, each level has many different levels. When you reach the maximum level of that level, the Upgrade button changes to Up.
  • Each gun with a different number of stars, different colors can be up to different levels.

gun level in the game Campaign Legend

Not all guns can be upgraded with accessories.


Be able to see and distinguish which parts are possible – not upgradeable with the naked eye. Guns with parts marked in red circles, with the word “Upgrade” are possible and vice versa.

Gun parts

If you still try to upgrade, you will receive the following message and it is also a final note “The upgrade part level cannot exceed the gun level”, that is, you must upgrade the gun before you want to upgrade. any other part of it.

Cannot upgrade gun components

There are many other tutorials about the game Legendary Campaigns that will introduce to you in the next article.

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