League of Legends: Details of the new skill set of Dr. Mundo released in 11.12

League of Legends – So after many days of being “dissected” and “experimented”, Dr. Mundo has officially launched a brand new kit that promises to bring him back to his glory days in the top lane. Let’s find out the details of Dr.’s new skill set. Mundo in the article below.

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League of Legends: Details of the new skill set of Dr. Mundo released in 11.12

Passive – Go crazy

Mundo’s passive has 3 parts:

  • Mundo will be immune to the next immobilization effect at the cost of losing a small amount of health to himself, and will also knock a potion of chemicals.
  • When picking up this potion, Mundo will restore some health and reduce the cooldown of his passive. Enemies can also step on the chemical vial to destroy it.
  • Mundo has increased healing based on maximum health.

Q – Infected saw

This skill is quite similar to Mundo’s old Q – Infected Milling Knife, only he will now hold the saw. Mundo will throw his chainsaw in the target direction, dealing damage and slowing them.

W – Electrocardiographic shock

Mundo’s W has 2 parts:

  • Mundo will shock himself for a period of time, dealing damage to himself and magic damage to the surroundings. Mundo’s damage due to electric shock will be converted to reserve health.
  • After the shock duration expires, Mundo will release energy to deal damage to nearby enemies again, and also restore the stored health. Mundo can also actively activate W to end the shock duration early.

E – Bruised bầm

Mundo’s E has 2 parts:

  • Passive: Mundo gains bonus attack damage based on missing health
  • When active, Mundo will throw his first aid bag at an enemy, dealing damage based on his missing health. If the target is killed, the first aid bag will be thrown away and deal 1 damage to the enemy it touches.
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R – Almost overdosed

Mundo’s R has 2 parts:

  • Mundo will inject chemicals into his body, instantly restoring a certain amount of health based on his lost health.
  • Mundo continues to gain healing over time, while increasing AD and movement speed.

So after a long time on the shelves, Dr. Mundo has now turned from a pure tank champion to a true fighter with an amount of AD that cannot be underestimated. His hard crowd control will also help Mundo stay in the top lane without being too scared of the enemy jungle’s ganks.

Dr. Mundo will be released in League of Legends version 11.12, let’s look forward to it!

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