How strong is the new skill set of Void Spirit DOTA 2?

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Recently, Dota 2 officially updated to the latest version with the appearance of the new general Void Spirit. Bringing in the 2nd natural element, Void Spirit Dota 2 has the ability to deal huge damage, control effects, and flexible skill sets like Storm.

The Outlanders update for Dota 2 came out a few hours ago and it brings a completely different gameplay for gamers. The latest and most prominent addition is the new champion Void Spirit DOTA 2, a cool skill set.

How can void spirit dota 2 play any game?

The champion that owns the next element in Dota 2.

Details of new champion skill set Void Spirit DOTA 2

1. Aether Remnant
Targeting skill, Void Spirit summons a clone to the specified location, the rest stand looking in the direction facing the target direction. When a unit touches this energy source, they are absorbed and take magic damage.
– Casting time: 0.4s
– Magic damage dealt: 90/150/210/270
Casting Distance: 1000
– Suction time: 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8s
– Skill duration: 20s

how to play void spirit dota 2

2. Dissimilate
New champion skill Void Spirit DOTA 2, Dissimilate helps him to disappear into the void and teleport through purple time portals, Void Spirit moves to a designated location dealing damage to enemies if standing in that position.
– Duration: 1.3s
– Damage: 140/220/300/380

how to play void spirit dota 2

3. Resonant Pulse
Resonant Pulse helps Void Spirit create a shield that takes physical damage, the more champions are near, the health of the shield increases.
– Energy absorption range: 500
– Damage: 220/280/340/400
– Shield build time: 10s
Shield Health: 50/100/150/200
– Shield health increases with nearby heroes: 30/45/60/75

how to play void spirit dota 2

4. Astral Step
Void Spirit consumes Max Charge (energy) to dash in the target direction, dealing damage to all enemies in its path, slowing and exploding, dealing significant damage (same as Storm’s ultimate).
– Max charge: 2
– Charge recovery time: 18/13/8
– Slash Range: 600/800/1000
– Explosion damage: 150/200/250
Slow: 40/60/80 %

how to play void spirit dota 2

5. Table of Tales
Level 10: + 30 Damage or +3 Mana Regen
Level 15: +150 Resonant Pulse or Remmant 600 Truesight damage
Level 20: -7s charge recovery for Astral Step or +15% spell Aplification
Level 25: Dissimilate stun for 3s or Astral Step 200% crit

How to play void spirit dota 2
Above is all information about the skills of the new general Void Spirit DOTA 2 in the session The Outlanders update, Snapfire also appeared with Void Spirit in this version, details new champion skill Snapfire Dota 2 has been compiled here by Taimienphi.

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