What’s so special about Snapfire Dota 2’s new champion skill?

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Since the last time at the Dota 2 The International 2019 tournament held in Shanghai, China, gamers can now get their hands on the Snapfire support AD carry champion, and here are the details about it. Snapfire Dota 2 new champion skill set in The Outlander version.

After more than half a year of development, Dota 2 fans finally get to see the new champion Snapfire at version 7.23, The Outlander Dota 2 is the heaviest update ever for Vavel.


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Details of new champion skill set Snapfire Dota 2

1. Scatterblast
Snapfire uses the ability Scatterblast to fire a volley of close-range bullets and deal damage at each level, slowing all enemies within range or hit by bullets. Nearby units or champions take 50% more skill damage.
– Damage: 80150220290
– Movement speed reduction: 100%
– Range of influence: 450

Snapfire dota 2

2. Firesnap Cookie
The second skill of the new champion Snapfire can let his teammates or himself jump to a certain position, a long enough distance. When jumping to that location, all enemies not within range will be affected, including a stun effect and take a relatively high amount of damage.
– Throw distance: 450
– Impact range: 300
– Damage range: 90160230300
– Stun Duration:

Snapfire dota 2

3. Lil’ Shredder
Lil’ Shredder is a unique physical damage skill of the new general Snapfire Dota 2, after activating the skill, Snapfire’s attack speed and range are increased, along with the slow effect. for the target.
– Damage per shot: 30456075
– Attack range increased: 75150225300
– Attack speed reduction: 20253035
– Hold time: 3

Snapfire dota 2

4. Mortimer Kisses
Snapfire uses Mortimer (frog) to deal damage at a very long range (magical damage skill), dealing scorching damage for a certain amount of time, slowing the area of ​​​​the bullets passing through.
– Quantity: 8
– Impact range: 275
– Damage per shot: 175250325
– Ignition: 5075100
– Movement speed reduction: 15%

Snapfire dota 2

5. Talent skill
– Level 10: +20 movement speed or +250 health
– Level 15: +60 Scatterblast damage or +250 Firesnap Cookie healing.
– Level 20: reduce movement speed by 25% Mortimer Kisses or Lil’ Shredder take base damage from champions.
– Level 25: +8 bursts of fire for Mortimer Kisses or Scatterblast add 3s Disarm

Snapfire dota 2

It can be seen that the new Snapfire Dota 2 champion skill set is not only used for support, but the amount of damage is also equal to other magic champions, core champions. It will take you a lot of time to get used to or play well with Snapfire. Please read through Update 7.23 The Outlander Dota 2 to understand the changes.

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