Hearthstone will change the face of the game in an upcoming update

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Hearthstone has its own calendar system, and this year will be the year of the Crow (Year of Raven). Along with entering the new year, Blizzard’s popular card game also released a series of new updates, including the introduction of the system. Tournament that players have long wished for.​


In fact, up to now, Hearthstone tournaments have been held in an unorthodox format. The game itself does not have a Tournament mode, so even in the biggest tournaments with prize money up to many thousands of dollars, in fact the matches in the tournament are just regular “challenge” matches. stop. That invisibly causes a lot of inconvenience to the organizers themselves, for example, a gamer has lost the victory when he is disconected and cannot return to the game because the game itself does not provide a choice. choose it.​

Even in major tournaments like the World Championship, glitches can happen

With the upcoming Tournament mode, these inconveniences will be eliminated or at least minimized. In addition, besides the big tournaments, players can also organize small tournaments themselves with friends, something Hearthstone fans have been waiting for since the game’s early days.


Besides Tournament mode, another big change in Hearthstone’s Five Crows is the restriction of a large number of old cards to add new cards in Standard mode. According to the latest announcement, not only the cards from the Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan patches, but also the extremely powerful cards from the original set will also be on the limited list. this regime.

The most prominent of the cards of the original deck that will be limited, of course, is Ice Block, a Secret card that allows Mage class players to be immune to fatal damage in 1 turn of the opponent. Obviously, this is not an overly “unbalanced” card, but according to Blizzard, removing it from the Standard list is to “make space for new Mage sets”. In addition, Coldlight Oracle and Molten Giant will also suffer the same fate as Ice Block.


In addition, the year of the Crow will also bring players new benefits. Specifically, this year’s quests will give greater rewards, for example, the previous 40 Gold quests will now give 50 Gold. In addition, the requirement to complete quests with great rewards will also be reduced, to help players complete them more easily.

Most of the above changes, along with the launch of Lunarathe new Hero of the Druid class, will be applied in the upcoming expansion of the game.

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