My Tamagotchi Forever – Legend of “Virtual Chicken” will be revived on Mobile

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Generation 8X or early 9X must not forget the name “Virtual chicken” – a small toy with a dull screen but made many children fall in love with death twenty years ago. This is probably also the first game that parents began to deter their children. Playing carefully is not an addiction to neglect studying. And after many years of receding into the past as a beautiful memory of an innocent time, now Virtual Chicken has officially returned to the form of a Mobile Game title. authentic.


Full name is My Tamagotchi Forever, the game will reproduce exactly what we have seen in Virtual Chicken before. Of course, now with new technology, Virtual Chicken will put on a much more colorful and friendly image than in the past.. promises to evoke sweet memories of a bygone era.


In terms of gameplay, My Tamagotchi Forever will bring you back to the true style of the old Virtual Chicken. There you will have to take care of your pet… from eating, bathing, playing together to sleeping. However, the game will also add new features, especially in the development and growth of Virtual Chicken. Depending on the environment they live in, their appearance will later change, creating a unique personality for each player. Not only that, the game also has a private town for you to visit and let your virtual Chicken make friends and experience a variety of activities.


My Tamagotchi Forever It is expected to officially release on Mobile on March 15. As soon as the game is released, Emergenceingame.Com will update the download link for readers as soon as possible. You can also visit the official website of the game for early registration:

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