The young scholar blatantly stole a bicycle at the net shop

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The new incident took place at 8 pm yesterday (January 29, 2018), two camera angles outside and in the parking area of ​​a net shop in Co Nhue – Finance area recorded a scene of stealing a bicycle of a young man with a rather scholarly appearance. The owner had to post on a forum net game asked for help from other colleagues.


The problem of theft of motorbikes and bicycles is quite common in most internet shops, causing many people in the profession a headache. In fact, there have been many unfortunate gamers who lost their means of transportation while engrossed in the game and almost couldn’t find their property afterwards. For cases like this to happen, the net shop itself also loses its reputation when it fails to protect customers’ assets.​

Watching the clip, it can be seen that this young man had to hesitate and watch for a long time in front of the shop before deciding to “take a risk”, when he saw that no one was watching outside, he took the car straight away.

Hopefully thanks to the sharing of the online community, net shop owner The above will soon find out the culprit to get back the lost property.​

This is also an expensive lesson for every net business household, in order to avoid such unintended incidents, it is necessary to tighten security more in their business areas. Not only to protect assets for customers, but also to protect yourself.

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