After 2 days of launch, gamers “rushed” to find friends, pull the gang together to play the roof of Tien Vu Mobile

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At 10:00 on March 17, the first masterpiece of NPH Gamota – Tien Vuc Mobile was officially launched in anticipation of millions of game fans across the country. With the mentality of waiting for the desire to be the first to set foot in this dream world, gamers did not waste time waiting to be logged in. This also leads to a force majeure event that is server congestion right after 10 minutes of launch, this is a small unexpected incident of BQT. However, it also proves how great the love and affection of players for Tien Vu Mobile is. Immediately after, the server congestion error was completely resolved by the NPH side and an apology was given to the player.

Network congestion occurred right after 10 minutes Tien Vuc Mobile opened the first server.

The days after the game no longer has errors, players continue to “fly” in the world fairy game full of fantasies without any limits. Within only 2 days of launch, in the community group of Tien Vu Mobile, there were consecutive posts of Tien Vu fans exhorting each other to establish a state and find friends as lively as nothing had ever happened.

A few days after the launch, the gaming community was excited again with articles to recruit members, find friends…

From the articles looking for friends with the server…

Or articles about recruiting members to the state…

Even the articles showing off the combat stats are still constantly being shared by players with a dense density.

It can be said that Tien Vuc Mobile is the dream kingdom of those who are fans of true fairy tales, beautiful games from images to unique plot content that cannot be found anywhere else. Entering the first half world of Tien Vu Mobile, gamers will transform into one of the starting classes including: Lieu Dao, My Luan, Kiem Tien, Van Tan – each sect has its own weapons and skills. separate school.

In particular, during the launch period, in addition to attractive events and a series of VIP giftcodes for gamers on the launch day, Tien Vuc Mobile also played big when celebrating OB with the TOP STRATEGY RACE event to receive the GOLDEN GOLDEN DRAGON AND 100 MILLION SCRATCH CARD.


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