Gunny Mobi launches a new version of Happy Lien Dou to celebrate its 5th birthday

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The first activity Gunny Mobi launched was the launch of a new version called Good Luck Lien Dou with many new features and activities, including Super weapons, Wow,… ​

Congratulations Phuc Lien Dou for the beginning of a series of happy events Gunny Mobi turning 5 years old and marking a turning point to a new age with different orientations in 2020

Seamless “heavy” weapons launched in the country of Chicken

Just to help the weapon system of the Golden Chicken country become more diverse and rich, while satisfying the current expectations of the Gunners, the 4 types of super weapons in the new version of the Happy Coalition will make the land of Chicken much more exciting. .

If a Wow-Minotaure shoots wide and digs well, the Super-Car has a super wide-angle shot, high defense and hard to kill; A high-defense, wide-angle Super-Sound Cannon that helps dominate anti-dig maps, there is a Super-Thunder that can be used on extremely good digging maps, quickly destroys opponents, good luck extremely high, helping to appear more violent damage. All aroused the burning desire, stimulating the desire to own genuine goods of each Gunner of the Golden Chicken.

And here… 4 super weapons of Gunny Mobi appeared in the 5th birthday version – Congratulation Lien Dou

Walking around on the fanpage of Chicken, indeed, these heavy weapons are all in Gunner’s sights. They expect to quickly own them and devote a lot of effort to all 4 new weapons.

Various predictions about the new weapon of the Golden Chicken country

Open inter-server PvP – raising the level of interaction of the Golden Chicken brothers

One of the new features in the Lucky Lien Dou version is the PvP lobby, challenge, … upgraded to an inter-server feature. Thus, the range of interaction between Gunner has been expanded, no longer confined to each server, but from this new version, Gunner will be opposed to all Gunners on the entire Gunny Mobi server. The system will automatically match players of the same level, so finding a worthy opponent will be extremely easy. The Gunner brothers do not need to think complicatedly, just have their weapons ready, props and always in a fighting position.

The Golden Chicken brothers are really excited about the inter-server feature

If inter-server PvP stimulates the interaction of Gunner, then Blessing brings a completely different color to the Chicken community. As long as you have level 10 or higher, Gunner can participate in blessing stones to improve character attributes. The items that can be blessed include weapons, hats, shirts and assistants. Blessing stones have levels 1-2-3-4-5 and corresponding to those are the blessing points 10-40-160-460-2,560.

Gunner can also show off his stone accumulation in the Golden Chicken community

It is known that, in addition to new weapons and features in the version of Happy Lien Dou, Gunny Mobi has dozens of other events and playgrounds opened to kick off the grand birthday in December. Gunny Mobi will gradually reveal it for the Gunners to explore and experience.​

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