ExoGears2 – Bathing in bullets with Super Robots in the Mobile network game

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Mobile has no shortage of PvP games.. but the names that bring free play and real-time combat mechanics still seem to be rare and hard to find. The feeling of both sides with dangerous pieces waiting to hit the opponent will really make gamers feel an indescribable excitement. Fortunately, we have a game that has enough power to convey those values, allowing players to directly face real-life enemies through frantic combat.


Yes, we are talking ExoGears2 – title network game revolves around super advanced Robots with weapons capable of blowing all obstacles. Officially docked Android and iOS, ExoGears 2 ready for you to step into the fire pan of Mobile network arena right now.


In ExoGears2 gamers will be able to control advanced robot strains designed based on frames called Exogear that can be disassembled and assembled with many different parts. This ability allows them to adapt to each military situation, ready to transform before each different target. And you will own such an Exogear.


ExoGears 2 throws gamers into 1v1 or 2v2 multiplayer where your Exogear will have to take on enemies as powerful as you. But with a unique gameplay, the game ensures no 2 identical Robots on the whole battlefield. That is thanks to the ability to fine-tune the Robot to the smallest detail.. allowing gamers to follow many different combat styles, not to mention the ability to test dozens of powerful skills.


There players can replace from the body, legs, arms, head, to rocket launchers and gun systems as well as melee weapons. Each of these slots will feature a wide variety of parts with unique levels and abilities, offering a variety of unique combinations of formulas. ExoGears 2. It’s been a long time, it’s time for you to enjoy ExoGears 2 by downloading the game for free directly here:





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