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The contest starts on Halloween, the day before BlizzCon 2019 begin. Teams fought in the preliminary round for a side spot USAKorea, Canada, China and France in the group stage.

The group stage takes place on November 1, the first day of BlizzCon, takes place all day. Denmark, Great Britain, Russia, Sweden and the Netherlands all battled for the coveted crown in a round-robin tournament, which led to plenty of surprises. Korea, current champion of all three periods World Cup previously lost to both France and the US in the knockout round.


The top three teams from each group of five move on to the next game day, with two top team – The United States and China – qualified automatically to the semi-finals, while the remaining four teams – Denmark and South Korea, France and the Netherlands – battled in the quarterfinals.

With Denmark and the Netherlands out, the World Cup really started to heat up. France and China fought hard, but China got a 3-1 victory. And then the United States and South Korea took to the ring. First time since Overwatch World Cup start, Korea let slip”throne“, sadly ceding it to the United States.

The United States had been disappointed a lot in the years before being eliminated fairly early in the competition. And this year they are back and stronger than before, fighting hard and successfully avenging.

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