The first “God General” military rank in Tinh Kiem 3D called the name of the new Dai Minh Chu – The community admires

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The character we are talking about here, is probably the master that anyone in Love Sword 3D Can anyone imagine who that is? It seemed that the starting point was later than everyone else and often reclusive among the masters, but the player with the nick name “ROBOT” suddenly broke out in strength, step by step standing over ten thousand people to become the number one. master in Love Sword 3D.


The first time ROBOT shocked Tinh Kiem 3D, that was when he became the first person to achieve the rank of “Tinh Quan”. Not long after that, this great master continued to be the leader when he broke through to reach the rank of “God General”, one of the milestones that any gamer in Love Sword 3D wishes to have. even once in a lifetime.


It is known that the military rank “God General” is a noble title, honoring the most famous masters in the world of Tinh Kiem 3D. Not only requires a terrible level of combat power, this rank also requires the owner to be truly worthy when achieving many noble titles on the battlefield, or in other words, to prove to be a leader. , the top master among the masters.​


Looking back at ROBOT’s training and actual combat, it was found that the first rank of God General was given to him, which was extremely deserving. In addition to always maintaining the TOP 1 fighting force for a long time, breaking many of its own records and owning noble military ranks, recently ROBOT has conquered the title of Dai Minh Chu, the highest ladder in the world. Love Sword 3D.​


The Season 3 Ultimate Martial Arts Season has just ended, witnessing the dominance of the ROBOT empire. From a name that did not make much of an impression in season 2, ROBOT has in turn usurped the throne of its predecessors and sat on the new Dai Minh Chu chair before the respect of the whole Gypsy.​


Until today and forever after, the name of ROBOT will forever be remembered in the subconscious of every swordsman in Love Sword 3D. Not just a player with the nickname “hit where you win”, or “the one who breaks the limit”, now it is not an exaggeration to say that the ROBOT is the new monument of Tinh Kiem 3D, the symbol that every player wants. They all aim for self-improvement and self-development.

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