Guide to playing chess for beginners

Besides chess, chess is an entertaining sport that has been introduced and developed in Vietnam for a long time. Today it is one of the most played games in the world today and there are many tournaments for it.

This game will take place on a square chessboard with 8 horizontal tiles (numbered from 1 to 8), 8 vertical lines (will be played in order from a to h) and create 64 squares with two colors alternating. Each player in chess will have 16 pieces with: 8 Pawns, 2 Horses, 2 Bishop, 2 Rook, 1 Queen, and 1 King. Here to help those who do not know how to play chess can easily play this game, we will introduce chess tutorials for beginners, invite you to follow.

How to play chess for beginners

1. How to move the chess pieces in the chess board

To help you easily play this sport, we will show you how the chess pieces move in the chessboard.

a. Pawn

This is always the first chess piece, it will be allowed to move 1 or 2 boxes depending on the player.

When leaving the starting position, pawns are only allowed to move one square for each move. Unlike other chess pieces, Pawns can only take an opponent’s piece diagonally forward and cannot eat on the way.

Pawn's movement directionEating direction of Dark troops

In addition, this is the only piece that cannot be pushed back.

b. Knight

Quan Mã (international symbol: N-Knight) has a path that moves according to the letter L, it will have two ways to go: left or right 2 boxes, then forward or back 1 square and move up or down 2 fields then right and left 1 cell.

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More specifically, the Ma piece is allowed to jump over the heads of the other chess pieces in the chess board. In addition, it will be allowed to take all of the opponent’s pieces that are on the way.

The path of the Ma

c. Mahout

The bishop (international symbol: B-Bishop), will move diagonally, how many tiles can go forward or back depending on the player and this piece will always follow the same color square as the current position. stand.

When moving, the bishop is allowed to eat the opponent’s pieces in its path.

The path of the bishop

d. Military Vehicle

Unlike the Bishop, the Rook (international symbol: R-Rook) has a vertical or horizontal direction. It can move forward, backward or left, right as many squares depending on the player’s move.

While moving, the Rook will be allowed to eat the opponent’s pieces in its path.

The direction of the Rook

e. Quan Queen

The Queen (international symbol: Q-Queen), its movement will be the combination of the path of the Bishop and the Rook, so this piece can move diagonally, vertically and horizontally. as many boxes as you want.

When moving the Queen, it can take the opponent’s pieces in its path and this is the strongest piece, when it is in the middle of the board, it has the ability to control 27 other chess squares.

The direction of the Queen

f. King Army

The King (with the international symbol: K-King) is allowed to move a square to the boxes surrounding the position it is standing. It will eat the pieces that are in the squares of its path. However, this piece cannot move to the cells that the piece is occupying.

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In particular, this is the most important piece on the board, if we lose it, we will lose and vice versa, if we eat the opponent’s King, we will win.

King's path

2. Some golden rules when playing chess

  • So the first move is to move the Pawn to cell d4 or e4.
  • Develop Bishop and Knight pieces with only one move and do not interfere with the moves of other pieces.
  • Do not move Ma pieces to the border.
  • Should not go to pointless Good countries.
  • Should not go to the Queen too soon because it is very easy to be attacked by the opponent’s other chess pieces.
  • After each opponent’s move, check which piece they have attacked and quickly move the threatened pieces.

The above is a beginner’s guide to chess, hope that the things in this article will help you to play this intellectual sport easily.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments with this game!

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