Free Fire: Level and how to own character costume skin

Outfits in Free Fire There are many different levels. Here’s everything you need to know about levels how to own beautiful character costumes in Free Fire.

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The rarity of the outfit in Free Fire

The rarity of costumes in Free Fire is divided into 5 color variations:

  • Gold – Legendary
  • Pink – Epic
  • Blue – Rare
  • Green – Uncommon
  • Gray – Common

How to get costumes in the game Free Fire

Paid method


Lucky machine in Free Fire

The Incubator is like a popular winning camera in Free Fire. Occasionally, it also gives you rare skins. This machine requires evolutionary stone and blueprint. You can all earn them by spinning the Incubator, changing the old design for a new one. Evolution stones can also be obtained through Elite Pass and accumulate to the top. Skin acquired in Incubator is only available for a limited time but is coming back soon.

Elite Pass

How to get skins in Free Fire

Elite Pass is worth more than 1,000 diamonds, always has 2 skins unlocked through badge collection. They are all exclusive skins so they will never be returned after that season ends.

Magic Cube

Magic blocks in Free Fire

Magic Cube Store is a special store that requires magic cubes to buy premium items that previously only diamonds could be used to own them. You need 100 fragments earned through special challenges, an Elite Pass chest or an Incubator. The magic block shop “refreshes” when is decided by Free Fire so try to get these packages as soon as possible.

Online events

Free Fire web event

Special web events usually cost diamonds but will occasionally give you a special skin pack. Some of the popular events on the Free Fire web like Mystery Shop, Hacker’s store, Lucky Wheel, Food Truck and Shani’s Garage. Most have great deals so if you have enough diamonds, you should join the event on the web to get attractive Free Fire skin.

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Diamond Royale

Lucky Royale in Free Fire

Diamond Royale is a popular Luck Royale that players need to use a Diamond Royale or Diamond voucher to join. Diamond Royale takes place in a limited time, including many attractive prize packages. The higher the Luck Point when you spin, the greater your chances of getting the Grand Prize.

Faded Wheel

Lucky gift spin in Free Fire

Faded Wheel is a popular time-limited lucky Royale in Free Fire. You only need to spend 9 diamonds to rotate the wheel while dropping 2 unnecessary prizes. While there are usually no costumes in the Grand Prize, this is a diamond-worthy event.

Special offer

Special offer may be available after the end of Free Fire Classic or Ranked game. You always need to use real money to buy this offer within 24 hours or it will expire.

Use the free method

  • Gold Royale: Gold Royale is a Luck Royale that you need to use a Gold Royale or gold voucher. Gold Royale is set for a limited time and includes a skin pack in the prize pool which is decided by a lucky point system.
  • FF tokens: Free Fire’s token exchange shop can give you beautiful skins.
  • Challenge event: Challenge Events are occasional free events held in Free Fire and will give you a free reward package worth the same amount of diamonds. Of course, events are always time limited so don’t hesitate to join them as soon as possible.
Free Fire online events
  • Gift boxes: Friends can give you impressive costume gift boxes while playing Free Fire.
  • Character exclusive package: Some characters have exclusive packs that you can unlock at level 5 or above or after “awakening” them.
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The above is Ways to get skins in characters in Free Fire. If you know any other methods, please share with!

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