The most effective ball tire technique in FiFa Online 3

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Ticking the ball over the goalkeeper is one of the techniques that many gamers love when playing the game FiFa Online 3, because it is one of the techniques that require high precision, creating beautiful goals. But how to learn this skill is not a simple thing. So how to perform the ball tire technique to bring the best results?

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When facing the goalkeeper, it always makes the player feel awkward, so it is easy to miss the chance to score. Depending on the case, it is possible to choose psolution slam shot, passed the ball over the body or carried a tire ball, and jerked the ball over the goalkeeper. But perhaps the option to tire the ball over the goalkeeper, although difficult to implement, is most effective, helping the player to create beautiful goals. Please refer to the article below to accumulate more experience for yourself, improve your personal level to be able to create shots. “Memorable” in game FiFa Online 3.

The techniques of the ball over the goalkeeper are effective in FIFA Online 3

1. Use the Q + D key combination (LT + X on the handle):

When facing a goalkeeper, a combination is used key Q + D let the player tire the ball with a shot of the shoe let the ball go high and light. This is a relatively difficult skill that requires you to practice to become proficient, but once mastered it can be extremely harmful. create beautiful shots with great precision without relying too much on the navigation keys.

The most effective ball tire technique in FiFa Online 3

Proceed as follows:

  • Press one by one Q key then stay the same Q and press continue D.
  • Hold the button D in a period of time to adjust the force bar.

Also, you need to pay attention to which players have number of stars and score finish Well, the chances of the finish being successful will be much higher. For example, players who meet those standards are: Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Eden Hazard …

2. Use key combinations Q + W (LT + Y on the handle):

Use key combinations Q + W The ball will fly faster and more powerful, this technique helps to knock down the goalkeeper in rush situations. To finish successfully, the player must watch the force of the kick to match the distance. Then, use the cheeks in the foot to bring the ball towards the goal. This ball tire skill is only successfully performed when the player is facing the goal.

The most effective ball tire technique in FiFa Online 3

How to make a ball tire as follows:

  • Press Q before, hold on Q then press again W.
  • Then hold on W until the bar was sufficient.

Also, you should pay attention to depending on the finishing technique Passing indicators, visibility of the player. Examples of midfielders who are good at passing are: Xavi, Iniesta, Oscar, Fabregas, Kaka, Riberry, Robben …

3. Use the A key or the key combination Shift + A (B on the handle):

Keys A (B) It is often used to pass long passes, cross the wings, and pass the ball when it is used to tire the ball over the goalkeeper. To easily score a goal in the net, the player must face the goalkeeper, use the instep or the cheek in the soles of the feet to kick the ball. To successfully finish the player must have moderate force.

The most effective ball tire technique in FiFa Online 3

Also when performing the key combination Shift + A The player has to flick the ball over the goalkeeper with the tip of his shoe, creating a pretty good jolt. Although the ball is not fast, the accuracy is quite high. Thereby showing us, no matter what keys the player uses to tire the ball, they must adjust the force appropriately, practice skills and experience to be effective.

The way to tire the ball over the goalkeeper is as follows:

  • When facing a goalkeeper you have to stand in the center of the goal because the ball will fly in a straight line, if it is crossed to the side the ball will go out.
  • Then, press the button A or Shift + A, keep the force just right and let go.

Tips for effective ball over the goalkeeper:

  • For Q + D: Keep key D take a little longer for the ball to fly with enough force, otherwise the ball will fly too light and the goalkeeper will easily catch it.
  • For Q + W: Do not be foolish to emphasize more than 1/2 of the bar, making the ball too strong, but depending on the distance, adjust the bar to be reasonable.
  • For A or Shift + A: Use less than 1/2 of the bar to prevent the ball from going over the bar.

The most effective ball tire technique in FiFa Online 3

  • When the striker goes down the middle, use Q + W, A, Shift + A to fly faster.
  • Used only Q + D to tire the ball in situations the striker moves in from 2 bounds.
  • Perform a tire ball phase when the goalkeeper rises at least over the 5m50 line, preferably from 11m upwards. If the goalkeeper crosses the 16m50 line, the player who keeps ½ or more a little bit is best.
  • Should be done only when you have a favorable position or are in a comfortable mental state.

How to limit the opponent to successfully tire the ball:

  • When the opponent’s striker is facing his goalkeeper, the two low-moving midfielders are responsible for limiting the opponent’s successful slit.
  • Press the slot poke button W for the goalkeeper to rise up. After moving a few steps, immediately press the arrow ß for the goalkeeper to move immediately towards the goal. When the opponent uses the ball, it is also time for the goalkeeper to return in time. So the opponent has no chance to score a goal anymore.

Video how to handle the ball when facing the goalkeeper in FiFa Online 3:

So you have mastered the technique of tire over the goalkeeper, as well as accumulated a little more experience to perform the technique of tire over the goalkeeper effectively. Also, you can consult corner kick technique, Technical tutoring, as well as Penalty shot technique to playing game FiFa Online 3 effective.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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