Minecraft Fleeceware has defrauded millions of Google Play users

Ứng dụng Minecraft giả mạo

If you have any downloads Minecraft app Any third party below, you may be one of the affected victims.

Fake Minecraft app

According to digital security experts, players Minecraft using the Google Play Store has downloaded unofficial third-party apps that are under threat. If you download this extremely popular magic block game editing app in many different ways, you may have paved the way for bad guys to infiltrate and steal your money.

Minecraft users become the target of the fake app

In a recent report, Avast has identified several apps that are harmful to Minecraft players and also Roblox. They are also known as fleeceware – apps that take advantage of the feature to try before paying to charge user accounts.

These apps work by attracting fans of Minecraft and Roblox through attractive offers like new character skins, game editing to completely change the game experience.

Subscription offers are usually only available for a few days or a trial period. After that, anyone who signed up for that app will start to be charged quite high. If you forget to unsubscribe, you can pay a heavy price.

Minecraft Fleeceware

Avast statistics an average of each fake Minecraft app that is charging $ 30 / week has more than 1 million downloads. Obviously, downloads don’t reflect the exact number of registrations, but if one of those apps tried to charge a subscription fee per download, the bad guy would have made about $ 30 million during its time. .

List of fake Minecraft apps

The following applications have been reported to Google by Avast as fleeceware:

Avast has notified Google of apps on the same number of apps that are not related to Minecraft. Head of malware analysis team at Avast, Ondrej David said:

Google has confirmed that 3 out of 10 apps are reported to violate Play Store policies, but the rest are technically not. We still rate them as a fake app that focuses on taking money from end users as much as possible because $ 30 / week for advertising is ridiculous.. “

Fortunately, you can remove the above apps from your phone. However, if you have registered them, you need to go to the menu Subscriptions on Play Store and unsubscribe from related services. If not, you will continue to be charged.

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