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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Still being the hottest name right now, everyone in their family is rushing to find and buy the device Nintendo Switch to build your own island. In order to build a richer and more beautiful island, perhaps more people will look to investment opportunities, aiming for larger returns with basic ways. Let’s find out about Turnip, Stalker Market to start a business!

Guide to ANimal Crossing - How to buy and sell Turnip in the game

Animal Crossing: New Horizons owning an extremely interesting and diverse economic system. You have been playing for a few days and have saved a little capital, looking for a better ‘life changing’ opportunity instead of just making money by basically this is the solution for you: Turnip! If you are lucky, you can earn tens, hundreds or even millions of Bells using this method!

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Guide to Animal Crossing: New Horizons: What is Turnip?

Daisy Mae how to buy Turnip in the Animal Crossing New Horizons game

Turnip in Animal Crossing operate on a weekly cycle. Every Sunday 5 AM – 12 PM, after you have unlocked it Nook’s Cranny, lovely pig girl Daisy Mae will visit the island and sell Turnip. She will sell Turnip to you with bundle 10 bulbs and prices vary per week, ranging from 90 – 110 bells per bulb. Miss pig Daisy Mae There’s no limit to the number of radishes you buy, as long as you have enough money to hug them all!

Advice: While it is true that buying low is better, you should buy no matter the price because the difference is really not too much. You can also visit your friends’ islands to buy Turnip at a lower price.

How to buy and sell Turnip in the game Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo Switch

All Turnip numbers you buy will rot on the Sunday of that week and is no longer worth anything, so make sure you sell off that Turnip before it breaks! In addition, you don’t need to keep Turnip in your pocket, you can put them in your inventory at home, put them on the floor or even throw them on the street.

Note: Any item you throw (Drop) except in the house, other players can pick it up! So build a fence around it if you want to leave the Turnip outside.

When should you sell Turnip?

Timmy and Tommy (T&T) Turnip purchases will begin on that date Monday to Saturday every week. Normally you can sell Turnip for about 170 bells per bulb, but sometimes T&T will buy at extremely high prices like 300, 400, 500 or even 600. Of course, high prices are also There will be low prices, sometimes the whole week’s price is only 1 2 dong more, or even loss.

Tommy Timmy Nook Cranny acquires Turnip in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Turnip’s price in ACNH Will change 2 Times per day: Morning time Nook’s Cranny just opened and changed after 12 noon. This is the crux of the Turnip trade, based on the price of the weekdays, you will find the price chart for that week, so ask the price twice a day to capture the price movement of that week. Please!

Turnip purchases in Animal Crossing: New Horizons based on your version Animal Crossing: New LeafWith just a little bit more difference update, let’s take a look at current price charts.

Spike graphs

Spike (also known as hill, mountain) is the way the player is called Animal Crossing set for this graph. Spike is the chart that players are most looking forward to because there will be a sudden increase in Turnip price during the week. Before and after a spike, the price of Turnip will be extremely low.

Graphical example Spike:

Guide to Animal Crossing New Horizons Large Spike Turnip

Let’s say the turnip buy price is 110 bells, you can clearly see that Turnip’s price was relatively low at the beginning of the week, just at the level 92, 88, 83 etc .. But on Wednesday afternoon, prices started to change, gradually increasing 116, 156 and peaked on Thursday afternoon, prices spiked next 638 bell! This is a golden time to sell Turnip and make a lot of money, 4000 Turnip x 638 = 2,552,000 Bells, a huge amount of money for you to pay off the original debt and buy and refurbish the island to reduce the wild part!

The graph of spike above is called Large SpikeThere is also another graph that is similar but with less growth called Small Spike. The price of the Small Spike Although the difference is not too much, there is also a bit of profit. To make it easier to visualize, you can look at the example chart of Small Spike down here:

Guide to Animal Crossing New Horizons Small Spike Turnip

Decreasing graphs

Decreasing – As the name implies, this graph will plunge without braking, making you extremely troubled and miserable. If on Thursday afternoon and you still don’t see any bullish signs then unfortunately, you may have come across the chart. Decreasing already. Turnip’s acquisition price T&T will decrease continuously until the end of the week, you can look at the graph Decreasing down here:

Guide to Animal Crossing New Horizons Decreasing Turnip

To overcome this situation, you can only rely on asking other players to find an island with a higher price on Turnip and bringing your Turnip to their island for sale.

Random Graph

Random / Fluctuating is a graph of random growth, relative volatility in price, not too high an increase like Large Spike but you still get a decent profit. If you are not too heavy on money, just have a higher price than the Turnip purchase price, just sell! A typical example of a Random graph:

Guide to Animal Crossing New Horizons Fluctuating Random Spike Turnip

Use Turnipprophet to track Turnip price

Turnip Prophet for Animal Crossing New Horizons

Turnipprophet is a free application that allows you to track your Turnip price situation every day. This website can also help you estimate your purchase price Tommy and Timmy again!

What should you do if the Turnip price turns you too low?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a community game, players can help each other from making items to shopping, finding items etc … Stalk Market Is no exception!

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Community Vietnam

If the price of Turnip on your island is too low, do not hesitate to immediately look for other players in Animal Crossing community players help me!

How to resolve when Turnip is damaged

Spoiled Turnip in ANimal Crossing New Horizons

If you unfortunately forgot to sell Turnip before it failed, don’t worry, there is still a way for you to take advantage of that Turnip. Ant (Ant) only appears when you have broken Turnip so you will not normally catch them, take advantage of your broken Turnip to lure, capture them and finish. Critterpedia as well as the Museum. In addition, ants can also be sold for 80 Bell, not much but still better than being empty-handed, right?

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