5 tips for anyone becoming a Pro in Genshin Impact

The most important thing is not to ignore the char donated at the beginning of the game

After the game’s time Genshin Impact Just released recently, players must be familiar with and understand most of the mechanics of the game’s features as well as adapt to the atmosphere of this gacha game. But there will still be many players who do not fully understand the interesting mechanics in the game. So let’s go today Funny game explore and understand some tips for you to be becomes Pro Player in the game Genshin Impact Please!

Don’t miss out on characters for the early game!

There are many people who are eager to run and explore the world of Genshin Impact, so there will be many of you will skip the main task and walk around. The advice is to try to get enough characters for the game to include Amber, Lisa, Kaeya. You should get all the characters above and then go explore around, because around the world Genshin Impact There will usually be a lot of elemental columns and dungeons need a character to use the right element to unlock.

Avoid weapon upgrades, 2 star relics or lower!

The reason that you should not upgrade is that when you have a 3-star weapon or more, then the weapon will have better stats than a 2-star weapon or less, in addition, 3-star weapons will also have only numbers and effects second and at this point you should really consider raising weapons.

Avoid spending resources on 2 star weapons
Avoid spending resources on 2 star weapons

What about holy relics?

The relic will also have the required stats if it reaches level 3 or above. Weapons or relics of 2 stars or less should only be used to upgrade items 3 * or more, but you should not raise it. Normally, holy relics should be upgraded to 4 stars to avoid wasting resources.

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How to do the old Cloud mission is li – receive holy relics of 4 stars

Saving ore resources!

Ore Materials in Genshin Impact
Ore Materials in Genshin Impact

There are 3 main types of ores in the game including:

  • Black iron.
  • Iron white.
  • Rock crystal.

The reason you should really save the ores is that when you reach the level 11 adventurous level, you will receive the blade used to pair into a 4 star weapon.

These ores are quite rare, although the player can ask the blacksmith NPC to find their location, but the information is general, so save the ores you find.

Also, these 4-star weapons have pretty good stats. Free but still very powerful that can be more easily refined than a gacha spinning weapon.

Do not save too much virgin plastic!

This pure plastic is easy to understand, it is the energy in this game. Pure resin is used to receive rewards after playing mischievous, beat the boss good Dungeon rewards.

Make sure you use it all the time, don’t let it get full. Please rest assured that using pure plastic will automatically recover after a period of time.

Do not use food indiscriminately or not absolutely necessary!

Food is a great resource for healing and other beneficial buffs. But the amount of materials that you can earn while exploring will be limited or not necessarily limited because it is quite time consuming to find.

You should only use it when necessary such as fighting monsters, exploring Dungeon and fighting bosses. Because the game has a fairly practical mechanism that is easy to understand, it is satiety. Each time you eat something, it will gradually fill the bar, until the bar is full, you will not be able to eat any more food. Imagine that you have a single character that is low on blood and you are too full, then it’s really not good at all.

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If you are in the process of exploring the world, I recommend that you go back to the statue to heal instead of using food. The statue’s health will heal over time, so don’t be afraid it will dry out.

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