GTA 5 – Mod “7 Dragon Balls” adds a series of new moves for Goku

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If you follow Emergenceingame.Com, you probably know the infamous Mod of GTA 5for role-playing gamers Goku and messing with Los Santos with the infamous spells in the Anime and Manga. Made by famous Modder JulioNIB – the person behind Mods like Hulk, Flash or Iron-Man, Mods 7 Dragon Balls This soon attracted great attention from fans.


Now, after a period of development and perfection, GTA 5’s Mod 7 Dragon Ball has been officially released .. along with adding a series of new moves for Goku. The most recognizable is that the Immortal Baby Monkey can now transform into many different Super Saiyan forms and can perform Kame or the stormy “Thai Duong Ha San”.


This Mod also has its own Menu for selecting moves, along with a teleport function. Even in the demonstration video, this Mod also allows many different gamers to control Goku to fight. This is definitely a new step in JulioNIB’s modding capabilities as gamers have the opportunity to witness a variety of complex systems taking place in the game, far beyond the previous Mods.


Right now you can download Mod 7 Dragon Ball for free and install it into GTA 5 by following the link below. All information related to GTA 5 will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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