The copy of the addictive super game Rocket League is officially on Mobile

You can’t help but know Rocket League – The game is small but has made the PC game village riot during the past 2 years. Rocket League’s main weapon is a unique gameplay mechanic, allowing gamers to control model vehicles to compete and push the giant ball to the opponent’s golf course. With a focus on multiplayer, the game also offers extremely lively and dramatic levels, making players have to pour hundreds of hours into the game.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

Following the path that Rocket League opened, Mobile also has an equally promising representative. With a gameplay that is not much different from Rocket League, this rookie is a perfect copy that mobile gamers cannot ignore. We are talking about Turbo League – The game has just officially landed on Android and iOS.


As mentioned, Turbo League is a copy of the senior on PC, but a perfect copy. There gamers will get acquainted with a very unique gameplay revolving around the virtual football field. But instead of flesh and blood players and round balls, players play the role of small car models with balls several times bigger. The player’s task here is to control the car to hit the ball to the opponent’s goal while preventing them from doing the same to you.


To serve the match, each car will be completely free to control, even adding a jumping mechanism to control the ball in the air. The first impression of the writer with Turo League is the high difficulty in controlling the car, largely because of the sensitivity and mechanism of locking the angle of rotation on the ball. Advice for novice readers is to adjust the control mechanism in the Setting section. Here you will have three options to control the car according to the left and right buttons, according to the virtual steering wheel or according to the phone tilt mechanism. Personally, I find it easier to navigate with the steering wheel, but in this option you should not hold the steering wheel for too long because you will be disoriented in turning situations.


Turbo League also has two main modes: Solo and Online. Solo actually acts as a training course for gamers to practice controlling and sending the ball in the required direction. Online besides will be the main arena of the game, where players will be divided into Teams and immersed in fiery football fields. This mode will definitely become the main star of Turbo League, letting gamers feel the heat, excitement and huge competition in the Online arena.


Presently Turbo League is available on both Android and iOS platforms, ready for readers to enjoy by download games for free live here:​

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