CFL Update February: Survival appeared, Rank mode changed

As usual, every new month, players Crossfire Legends continue to look forward to the versions update new. This February, a Big Update Again, it comes with many exciting new features. What updates are those? Let’s take a look at Emergenceingame.Com.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>​

first. Survival mode

A new, fiercer and more exciting arena than all the modes you’ve played before in CrossFire Legends. Sixty or one hundred and twenty players were present on the deserted island, they did not stand together against any force, they annihilated each other. And your mission is to be the last survivor to win.


This is also the first time appearing in CrossFire Legends a completely new and almost unlimited battle system. You will experience the competition on epic open maps, diverse and beautiful terrain, natural scenes, and extremely detailed and realistic constructions.


In addition, there is a rich system of weapons and equipment, completely basic with most of the original versions, ensuring a balance for the game, blurring the gap between VIP and non-VIP gunners. In addition, new experiences also come from the transportation system such as bicycles, cars, canoes or even planes and trains that help players freely move around the battlefield.


With such novel elements, shooters must change their tactical thinking: not simply showing skills and proficient manipulation as usual, survival requires both observation, sensitivity and decisive decisions to seize the opportunity before the opponent.


2. New features in the game rank

Comes with survival mode, version February update This also brings some innovation in ranked competition:​

  • Added sniper rank mode: snipers can only use sniper rifles
  • Ranked competition to place bombs until the 5th match will change sides
  • Before entering the battle, the gunner will be able to choose a map he likes, then the system will randomly select one of the ten choices of all players in the room.
  • Players who reach enough rank will unlock more maps




3. New interface

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In addition to introducing survival mode and new features in ranked matches, this February update also changes slightly in terms of interface. Specifically, a brighter outdoor background replaces the old background, besides the icons, the new border is designed in a dusty, rough style that is quite plain and we will explore together. details when the update is officially aired.


All will be available in the next update of CrossFire Legends released in the first week of February 2018, scheduled from February 1 to February 5.

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