Goku reveals his final form when he becomes the master of Ultimate Instinct

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Ultra Instinct or roughly translated as “Ultimate Instinct“.. is a superior technique used by Whis and later taught to the God of Destruction Beerus. This state allows the body to function completely independent of the brain, thereby helping the user to react. It reacts naturally without any specific concept in mind.It is because it is no longer dependent on neural reflexes that the moves while in this state have incredible speed.


In the series Dragon Ball Super Last year, Goku was able to achieve this state while fighting Jiren, giving him the strength to take on the warrior considered to be the strongest in the world. 7 Dragon Balls. However, because he was not mature, he soon lost this state and was pushed into a corner by Jiren, making fans unable to help but bewildered.


But it seems that the story will soon turn around when Goku has just revealed a completely new form when he succeeds in controlling Extreme Instinct. Accordingly, in the latest issue of V-Jump magazine, Goku suddenly appeared under platinum hair and a heroic charisma to ecstatic fans. As revealed by this magazine as well as the game’s latest DLC Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 then this is the version of Goku when he has become a master of Extreme Instinct, officially pushing the power of this state to perfection. Even according to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Goku in this form can be considered completely undefeated in the world of 7 Dragon Balls.


In this state, Goku’s body is slightly larger than when he first awakened Ultra Instinct while his hair remains the same except for color. In fact, previously the author Akira Toriyama once intended to give Goku the White Super Saiya version in place of the Blue Super Saiya.. but eventually abandoned this idea due to fear of confusing fans with future villains. With the official reveal of Ultimate Instinct form at absolute level, Goku has marked the strongest being in the history of Manga as well as Anime.

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