PUBG – Just 2 more kills to win, the young man stripped off his clothes and committed suicide

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The story will be told from the opposite perspective, because no one knows who the “naked” guy who did this great thing is, and how to survive to the last round without any decorations. any on people.

In a Duo battle of PUBG, r0b113 and his teammates had a great day of fighting when they survived to the last 3 other opponents. The pair quickly take down one enemy, then another, leaving only them and a single survivor. Victory was very close, as neither r0b113 nor his friends expected it to come in such a “strange” way, when the enemy suddenly called out.


“Hey! Come and kill me, I’m the only one left!”

R0b113 turned around, and realized that the last survivor besides them was crawling in the grass, all naked with only a piece of cloth covering the body (divine “shorts” with durability higher than shorts). of the Hulk). What the hell, the couple was so surprised that they couldn’t say a word.

To the surprise of both, the “naked” guy continued: “Kill me. I don’t care anymore. I have survived in this form ever since.”

In the confusion, neither r0b113 nor his friend seemed to have the heart to open fire to end the life of this “incredible” guy. Then, their opponent suddenly stood up, and rushed out of the circle to the surprise of both.

“Come on, I will die outside the blue circle!”

Said the naked guy, then collapsed, leaving the weirdest “chicken meal” in the world for r0b113 and his friends. Not knowing what to say, the two could only laugh and lament. Winning in PUBG is an extremely exciting experience, but winning like this will certainly be many times more interesting, and will surely become an unforgettable memory for r0b113 or anyone. .​

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