Top 10 worst fight scenes of superheroes in movies (P.1)

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ten. Spider-Man vs Electro (The Amazing Spider-man 2)

The frivolous dialogue was judged to have ruined this thrilling battle. Moreover, the chaotic ending, fighting to the last minute and the unclear death of the female lead Gwen Stacy – Spider Man’s lover also made the audience feel extremely bored.​

9. X-men Magneto Great War (X-Men)

The majority of the audience thought that the battle between the X-Men and the evil Magneto did not leave a memorable impression. The biggest problem is that the group of mutants doesn’t bring the sense of unity to fight like a real team. This detail is considered not as attractive as in the original Comic version.


8. Fantastic Four Against Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four 2005)

This battle is like a funny fight that the audience can’t understand why Doctor Doom can be defeated so easily. Burning Doctor Doom and then spraying water to freeze the villain is the most frustrating detail.​

7. Bat Man fights Ra’s al Ghul (Batman Begins)

This battle of the “unmatched” Batman also caused a lot of controversy in the fan community. Although “He” said: “I won’t kill you, but I don’t have to save you” (I’m not going to kill him, but I’m not going to save him either), but Batman’s failure to save his mentor makes the audience feel that this approach is unreasonable and not really Batman’s style.

6. Spider Man vs. New Goblin (Spider Man 3)

After season 2 ended, everyone expected a tense match between Peter Parker. However, the battle was like a joke when Peter Parker was still wearing his work uniform without transforming into Spider-Man and the two friends also fought like children. The end of this fight was even more sloppy when the New Goblin simply wasn’t paying attention, so Peter “trimmed” with spider silk and hit his head on the water pipe.

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