Even though they are far apart, the couple still becomes a husband and wife by playing VLTK Mobile

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As a title mobile games Authentic martial arts, VLTKm not only swayed the great men, but also the sisters – sisters, the great women were also captivated by it. In addition to the top-notch systems, which stand out is a series of interactive features that connect players together, making VNG’s VLTKm gradually become a big monument in the hearts of many mobile game believers.

Owning a community that gathers a large number of young men and women, this game always makes many other games jealous when it has not been officially released for a long time but has become a “super cool matchmaker”. fate knows how many gamer couples. Many of them have come together with a perfect wedding. Proving for the sentence “Real fantasy game” is completely possible.

As recently, the gaming community VLTK Mobile once again bursting with cheers and cheers for the new marriage of the young couple Hoa Vo Defect and Hoa In Mirror from the state of Thien Dia Hoi server 1.


This story is shared by members of the state. It is known that although one person is in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, the other is in Bac Lieu, but the groom Nguyen Cong Ton and the bride Pham Thi Khanh Linh are still married thanks to this game. The two have held a grandiose wedding in the game before, and now their real-life wedding will take place on January 27, 2018.​


After the story of this “real fantasy game” was shared on the group, many other gamers of VLTK Mobile joined in the fun, congratulated the newlyweds of this young couple, as well as expressed their admiration. before their love.

This is just one of countless other love stories inspired by the game that can come to a happy ending. The VLTK Mobile community must be very excited about this dreamlike love story. Let’s join Emergenceingame.Com to send the best wishes to Cong Ton and Khanh Linh, wish the young couple always be happy with their love and choice!​

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