Get 30000 Free Fire Diamonds from Friends Callback event

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Garena is very generous in giving players free items through the events they organize, the Friends Callback series of events for players to gain rewards. Specifically, BR gamers can receive 30000 Free Fire Diamonds from the Friends Callback event starting from August 27, 2022.

Event Friends Callback – The event to call back friends recently as part of Free Fire Ob35 5th Birthday Update. During this event, players will have a chance to get 30,000 Free Fire Diamonds along with other rewards.

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Nhan 30000 kim cuong free fire mien phi tu event friends callback

How to get free 30,000 Diamonds FF event Friends Callback

Friends Callback event information in Free Fire

– Event time: From August 27 to September 1, 2022
– List of rewards:
+ 29,999 Free Fire Diamonds
+ 5 Amethyst Pentagon
+ 4 Amethyst Pentagon
+ 3 Amethyst Pentagon
+ 2 Amethyst Pentagon
+ 1 Amethyst Pentagon

30000 kim cuong free fire mien phi tu event friends callback

Tips to get 30K Free FF Diamonds for Friends Callback event

During the event, players who call their friends back to play FF ​​will receive Violet Beams Box and Diamond Royale Voucher, lucky players after opening Violet Beams have a chance to get 29,999 Free Fire Diamonds. How you can join the event and get free rewards:
Step 1: Open Garena Free Fire and moved to Event Menu.
Step 2: Click the tab 5th Anniversary and select event Friends Callback
Step 3: Here, you press CallBack and send Invitation To players, it’s been a long time since I entered Free Free 7 days or more.

meow 30000 kim cuong free fire mien phi

Step 4: After they log in to Free Fire, you get rewards for each milestone.
– Call 1 person back: 1 Box of Violet Beams and 1 Diamond Royale Voucher
– Call 3 people back: 3 Boxes of Violet Beams, 2 Diamond Royale Vouchers and Unite 5th Anniversary FF.
– Call 5 people back: 5 Violet Beams and 3 Diamond Royale Vouchers
– Call 7 people back: 7 Violet Beams and 5 Diamond Royale Vouchers

how to play free fire Nhan 30000 kim cuong event friends callback free
Along with that, there are many other attractive events, in which players who complete missions in the Hero Universe space will definitely get free J.Biebs Free Fire character and many more special gifts.

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