How to complete the mission in the game GTA Vice City – Part 2

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With true gamers, no one will be strangers to the top-notch and extremely attractive game GTA (Grand Theft Auto). In the game, you will play the role of a handsome, romantic, but also extremely cold-blooded guy. From the position of being a handyman to the big boss, step by step, you have to bring your character up, dominate the Underworld where you live.

GTA has so far released ten independent versions and four extensions, however, not so that the heat of this game is reduced, but on the contrary, with unlimited and expanded gameplay. Play with the feeling of being lost in a real Underworld and have to fight for survival in that World.

How to complete the mission in the game GTA Vice City

Most typical in this series must mention the version GTA Vice City – famous versionGrand Theft Auto’s most successful, popular and successful. The background is the criminal guy Tommy after being released from prison, gradually becoming the ruler of the crime city Vice in the 80’s. However, to do that, the player needs to help Tommy perform a multi-mission system. form, with increasing difficulty and without limits.

1. The Chase

At the mansion located on his 1 island, Diaz will ask you to investigate someone who is stealing his money or even a secret plot. Go to the pink dot on the radar, to do the task.

Perform: At the marked place, please wait for the name to follow appear, Chase He and he will get into the car to escape. Find another car and chase it.
ATTENTION: Only chasedDon’t shoot or endanger him. Then go back to Diaz and you are done.

2. Phnom Penh ’86

Investigate and know that his money was stolen by the Shark crew. Diaz will send Quentin Vance with you to this group’s den to get the money back.

Perform: Let’s Get on the helicopter and Take down anything in range your. You will pass through several different areas before reaching the final area for the quest. After getting off the plane, go into the building and shot down Each name in it, there will be approx 5-6 opponents for you to show your talent. After defeating them all, please Go to the second floor, get your briefcase, mission completed.

3. The Fastest Boat

To complete this mission, you and Tommy have to steal the only bullet train in the city for Diaz.

Perform: Get a car and Move to the pink position on the map. Destroy those who are in the way, infiltrate Vice Port, defeat the remaining guardians and bring the ship back to Diaz.

4. Supply & Demand

Diaz asks Tommy and Lance to use the stolen high-speed train to go to the drug dealership. Then, Tommy had to protect the ship from other drug dealers while Lance drove the ship back to Diaz’s mansion.

Perform: Get on a bullet train and go straight ahead, turn left, Lower two boats then continue the journey. After a few more turns, a group of soldiers will appear, quickly knock them out and the whole helicopter reinforcements. After that solved it all fugitives to complete the mission

5. Death Row

A surprise happened when Lance tried to assassinate Diaz, but failed. He was locked up and tortured in a secret location. Tommy’s mission this time is to go rescue Lance and bring Lance to the hospital before he dies.

Perform: Instantly find the letter K on the radar of you, it’s Kent Paul – he will give you information on the site where Lance is being held by Diaz. Then take a bulletproof car with some toys and go to the garbage disposal area. Here you will be violently attacked, jump straight into them, jump out Destroy those who are holding Lance, get him on the nearby Sentinel and Hurry up to the hospital to complete the mission.

6. Rub Out

Tommy decides to join Lance to attack Diaz’s mansion and kill him, taking over the mansion and his location.

Perform: One pink circle will appear outside Diaz’s mansion, please Stand in there wait for Lance to show up. You will get a weapon from him and the two will be together extermination approx five names are stationed in the front yard, three on the right side, Two men stood in the room, three others when going on the bridge, and finally Diaz’s 6.7 close names. Destroy all of them and finish the mission.

7. Shakedown

Information about Diaz’s death quickly spread widely. And this is when Tommy must act to prove himself as the replacement, the new tycoon of this area.

Perform: Just 5 minutes and shattered all heap glass doors in shops in the North Mall area, A little fear and violence will get you recognized and officially become their boss.

8. Bar Brawl

Tommy must kill two guard hands in the Ocean Beach pub and destroy members of the DPB security.

Perform: Enter pink circle, get some left grenade, unlatch, thrown at the target, end of mission. Very simple!

9. Cop Land

Tommy and Lance must bomb a building near Tarbush Coffee and escape from police wanted.

Perform: Let’s say two cops into a car garage, robbed the clothes of them, and Drive to the pink location. Set of bombs and get out of there as quickly as possible. At this point the police will find out chasing two people. In order to ensure the completion of the mission, you must hold on to Lance and Tommy are still alive, and Get rid of police pursuit.

10. Cap the Collector

An old man in the PrintWork area was murdered by people of the name Forelli, this is an act of aggression and provocation because they know you are protecting the area. The mission is to take revenge on them.

Perform: Since the opponents are big motorcycle riders, you need to get Tommy a car to chase and defeat them.

11. Keep Your Friends Close

Lance suddenly became greedy, he colluded with a group of Mafia, to destroy and monopolize the entire area from Tommy’s hands. You must survive and destroy all the conspiracy and the person behind this incident. And this is also the final mission in this part for you and Tommy.

Perform: The number one priority is preserve life. Then got some guns, defeat about 10, 15 mafia names before Lance appeared. The traitors are the ones who cannot forgive, let’s three bullets pinned to him to see him off the road. You also need to Go back to the office and destroy the rest before completing the mission.

End part 2 of the group of main missions in the game GTA Vice City ends here. Tommy’s position has been changed and now, as the boss of an area, what more challenges will he face? Let’s wait and see!

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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