It took a whole month for gamers to find this super hidden boss

Mat ca thang troi game thu moi tim ra boss an sieu di nayoQ2VZ - Emergenceingame

The Division 2 only one hidden boss inside the Manning National Zoo, a new area was added to the game in the Episode 1 update in July. For over two months, the player has not discovered the boss’s location. Until the developer gave a hint about the boss’s location during a stream. After that, the player quickly “digged” the boss up for a few hours.

After shooting a bunch of beehives in the zoo and entering the insect area, the hidden boss Agony will appear and start attacking you. Based on the details of the bees and the boss’s name, it can be seen that the connection is quite clear to the villain of the game. Metal Gear Solid 3Pain – the famous boss meme in the Metal Gear community..


User ArcLight079 posted the location and steps to find the hidden boss on Redditjust a few hours after the boss hint was revealed during the game’s developer’s stream.

Dev Trick Dempsey, during the stream, said “if you’re at our level and have an empty football field, you should probably look around.” Thanks to this hint, the player has found the hidden boss.

Defeating Agony doesn’t get you special rewards, so easter eggs This is only for gamers who love to explore.


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