Fix file is corrupt extracting files in WinRAR

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You are decompressing a file using Winrar software, but you get an error that the file is corrupt. You’ve been struggling and still can’t fix it. This article will show you how to fix the above error.

You often use WinRAR to extract and compress files. 7 features of WinRAR selection will help you a lot in the process of using that computer. But today, you get an error that every time you click on it, the Windows system says “file is corrupt”. The following article will guide you how to fix the above error.

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The cause of the error file is corrupt

– Because you decompress, re-import the files that are split into part 1, part 2, part N. There are some files that are corrupted due to the file splitting process.

– the compressed file is corrupted during internet download or data transfer via removable storage device such as USB or portable hard drive.
How to fix:

To fix the error file is corrupt

You can use the following to fix the error or you can download the latest version of WinRAR

Way 1: Recover corrupted compressed file databy WinRAR
Way 2: When decompressing, select Keep broken files let WinRAR automatically decompress without errors and continue decompressing files without errors.

Fix, fix file is corrupt

– Method 3: Unzip the corrupted file using tools like Winzip, 7Zip. Or use software that supports fixing compressed file errors like Recovery Toolbox for RAR
Hopefully after this article you have a way to fix the “file is corrupt” error simply and without taking much time. As a result, it is possible to easily decompress compressed files and fix similar errors of not decompressing files.

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